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March 2018
2018 Regional Convention


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International Board of Directors
Choosing potential nominees for the International Board of Directors (2019-2022 term)
From: Cammi MacKinlay, International Nominating Committee Chair

We just finished counting the votes in December for the two new members of the International Board of Directors who will serve the 2018-2021 term. Since this is an ongoing process, it is now time to start thinking about choosing potential nominees who, if nominated and elected, will serve the 2019-2022 term.
Why is this important? This is your chapter's opportunity to participate in the selection of potential nominees for the International Board of Directors. It's time to look at the leaders in your chorus, your region, and the Sweet Adelines world with an eye toward their potential as members of the International Board. 
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North Metro Welcomes
  • Frida Öhman
  • Janis Stone
  • Sam Zurin 


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Buffalo Gateway Chorus
Retreat time again for Buffalo Gateway Chorus! We spent a weekend in March immersed in singing, ringing and perfecting our musicality with the esteemed director of Skyline Chorus, Vickie Maybury. Each coach brings their own special brand and skill set, and Vickie was able to get us all thinking about ways to care for and protect our voices. Her expertise in the Expression category was invaluable to bring freedom and emotion to our vocal product. It's amazing how fast eight hours can fly by when learning exciting new layers to add to our performance. Probably the promise of some off-the-risers fun helps somewhat, plus a break or two and a meal! The "No-Talent Talent Show" is always the featured Saturday night event, which can be counted on to bring a good time with lots of laughs!
Circle of Harmony

And the nominations are in!  These lovely ladies have been nominated as Circle of Harmony's Sweet Adeline of the Year 2018!   Voting takes place in a couple of weeks and we will make the presentation at our Family and Friends performance just before we go to contest!  Each of these wonderful women contribute uniquely to the Circle of Harmony.  Good Luck Ladies. You do us all proud!  
Here they are!  Anna Shen, SAOTY 2017, centre, front, surrounded by this year's nominees:
Front (L to R) Sheila McKenzie, Barb Hodge, Anna, Jane Zaroski and Sabine Findlay
Back (L to R): Karen Packer, Deborah Cameron, Kathy Wettlaufer, JJ Piccolotto, Christine Yorke and Gail Falkner
Also nominated but absent from photo: Carolann Badger and Karen West!  
The Circle of Harmony wishes all our sisters in harmony the very best at contest in April!
Susan Mander
Circle of Harmony
Greater Kingston Chorus
Greater Kingston Chorus was honoured to be invited to sing at the new Providence Care Hospital in Kingston on February 6 th, where we performed for an appreciative audience of both patients and staff.
N ext up was our retreat weekend March 10th & 11th at Isaiah Tubbs Resort in Picton where the theme was "Character is Key!"  We focused on developing and embracing the journey of the character in each of our contest songs.  We experienced "multiple Kleenex" moments working on our ballad, as individual members of GKC bravely shared their personal stories that aligned with the emotional journey of our ballad's character.  Every member of the chorus was assigned to a "small group" (as close to a quartet as possible) and each group was coached by our Director, Assistant Director or another member of the Music Team.   It was a great confidence booster and allowed every member to receive some individual feedback.
Team building activities during retreat included pyramid building (without touching the cups!), pantyhose bowling, lip-sync performances, an escape room, and other hilarity!
To second that emotion....we continued work on emotion and character during a coaching session on March 20 th with Pat Brown from Toronto Northern Lights.   Pat challenged us to find ways to use our own personal experiences to connect with the emotional journey of the character in our songs.
GKC and Walkin' on Sunshine quartet are looking forward to reuniting with our Region 16 sisters in harmony at Regional Convention!
Kawartha Music Company

On Monday March 12th we joined the Aces of Harmony to perform a  50/60's show together at Princess Gardens, a retirement living community in Peterborough 

York Harmony Chorus

As we have been ramping up for Syracuse, our members have been stepping it up in every way. Along with our weekly rehearsal we had the pleasure to be mentored by the "ever energizing" Joe Connelly. By the end of the evening we were inspired by some famous phrases by Muhammed Ali and ready to enter into the our own "Harmony Olympics" ring.   Above all...he lifted the bar by helping us to envision our fullest potential together. Be motivated and ready to bring on our "a-game", be your own greatness!   Then we were very fortunate to have the extra specially inspiring Diane Porsche who always does an amazing job helping us to finetune our choreo. She's always so helpful by sharing feedback that reminds each of us to be accountable for ourselves and our team. Besides having an such exceptional Director and Assistant Director, we are all grateful for having the opportunity to learn and enjoy our craft with such passionate, funny and knowledgeable talents.  
Back row l to r:  Jen Muller, Anthea English, Kathy Jackson
front row: Martha Grant, Erin MacDonald, Denise Dudley, 
Anne Gauvreau, Joanna Karwowska-Elatat
O n February 27th, York Harmony held a special graduation event led by our Membership Team Leader, Anne Gauvreau "officially, officially" welcoming our enthusiastic and fun YHC NEWBIES!
Congratulations Ladies...looking forward to being on stage with you in Syracuse AND for ever more. How did we get so lucky!
Upcoming Events
Convention Education Class
Friday, April 20, 2018
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Syracuse, NY
Civic Centre
Carrier Theatre

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Saturday, June 15, 2018
Toronto, ON
Music School
November 9-11, 2018
Kingston, ON
Music School
June 7-9, 2019
Quartet Workshop
October 26, 2019

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