Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
March 2019
Future Convention Dates

Sweet Adelines International recently conducted a review of future regional contest dates and gave Regions the option to change dates for the 2021 contest. We have opted for a later date and this change has been approved. 
Contest 2021 will run from 
April 29 - May 2 instead of 
April 8 to 11. The table lists our Region 16 contest dates for the next 5 years.

Please update your own chorus calendars to reflect this change.

Quartet Corner

Learn from the webcast!

A wonderful learning opportunity is presenting itself in Syracuse next month. Of course, all of Region 16 will be together for our convention and competition but what I am recommending to all quartets is that you use some quartet funds (only $25 US) to purchase the webcast, whether you are competing or not. 

Sitting in the audience, we get caught up in being entertained by all the wonderful performances... It is also beneficial to make observations in the following weeks so that you can learn together as a quartet. You could make notes about anything you choose... stage presence, what confidence looks like, story-line believability, facial involvement, body language and so many aspects of vocal technique. You could pick topics according to the interests of each quartetter. Maybe the result could be a wish list for you to work on over the next year. 

If you ARE competing, HURRAY!!! Thank you for sharing your songs with us. Be kind to each other and to anyone brave enough to cross the footlights. See you at the Thursday evening Briefing. Special hugs go out to any first-timers!
Quartet Coordinator

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April 14, 2019

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June 8, 2019 - Quartet Workshop  at Durham College, Oshawa, Ontario. This will be a one-day event (Saturday), jam-packed with great education and coaching. Faculty for the quartet workshop will be the talented, Mo Field !  

(Note:   We had originally planned to hold our main regional Music School at this time but ran into venue capacity issues. Thank you for understanding.)

October 25-27, 2019  Fall Music School at the Sheraton Par kway Toronto North, Richmond Hill, Ontario. Among other popular weekend activities, plan ahead to enter the Double Quartet Contest! Guest faculty will be three-time Queen and vocal pedagogist, Kim Vaughn.  

Northumberland Chorus

Most of the recent efforts of Northumberland Chorus have been put towards preparing for the Convention in Syracuse. 
We were lucky to have June Dale come for a coaching session in  February. Everybody enjoyed the learning experience and we are busy trying to incorporate the invaluable information June  gave us into our competition songs.
From Christopher's Facebook page
few Chor us members travelled to the Richmond Hill Centre for the Pe rforming Arts to attend the North  Metro A  Cappella Challenge. What a fabulous evening! From the moving performances by the North Metro Chorus, to the confident perform ances by  the seven finalists, to the humorous commentating and poignant performances by Christopher Dallo, we were in awe of the amazing displays of talent. Thank you to North Metro for hosting.
Nort humberland Chorus is seeking an energetic and artistic music director with
excellent leadership skills and a passion for the barbershop art form. We are a small,
enthusiastic chorus with a strong community presence. If interested, please contact Cheryl Langille
by April 30/19.

Sweet Adelines Region 16
Leila Brown - Communications Coordinator