Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
May 2018
In the Post Convention e-blast, we listed Absolutely! as the Most Improved Quartet.  Lavish and Absolutely! tied for that award.  Our apologies to Lavish for this oversight in our email. 
Congratulations to both Absolutely! and Lavish on receiving the Most Improved Quartet title! 
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Quartet Corner
Congratulations to all Region 16 quartet competitors last month in Syracuse. In 2017 there were only 9 quartets who crossed the footlights. This year, did you notice that there were SEVENTEEN?   It takes a lot of preparation and courage to sing on that big stage and we know it is not for everyone but to see such a huge increase in entries means that
1)    more people are willing to do the extra preparation it requires,
2)    quartets are feeling more confident to share their songs from the big stage, and
3)    there are more people eager to receive feedback from judges on how to improve.
A loud CONGRATULATIONS goes out to SoundByte - our new Region 16 quartet champions who will represent us in St Louis in 5 months. We are so glad to have you back in Region 16 after your short stint in Region 15.
GOING FORWARD, many quartets choose this time of year to take stock, review goals and even re-evaluate their quartet status. Whether you have made a change and perhaps regrouped into a different foursome or rejoiced to stay in the current foursome, this season offers a very convenient opportunity for all of you to chat together about where you are, where you would like to be and how you plan to get there. Please don't assume that everyone is on YOUR page, or that you know what the others feel about the quartet goings-on. We are adults, we are women, we need to be kind to one another. Before you send the registration money to International, have an AGM (Annual General Mtg) just like business people (only more fun because there probably is food involved). Share the tasks, explore your areas of talent, do something new!
Paula Allen
Region 16 Quartet Coordinator

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  Buffalo Gateway Welcomes
  • Christina McQuirk.
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October 26, 2019

Circle of Harmony
As we came home from Syracuse, we realized that our journey has only begun as we now look straight ahead to St. Louis! It was a wonderful feeling singing for our supportive Region 16 as we sang for the first time as representatives of Region 16 at International in October!
The Circle of Harmony would like to thank Region 16 for the opportunity to host a fund-raising table to help with our journey to International.

Karen West, left, the artist who crafted all the beautiful wooden blocks that we sold on our table. Lending a hand is Kathy Wettlaufer,
and Sherry Hinder.
Also helping to sell Karen's stunning work was Shannon McInnis, Pat Harrison, Sheila McKenzie and Marg Duncan.

At contest, our Master Director Barb Hodge and our Assistant Director, Margaret Fielding hosted a history of our chorus through the years, complete with results from contests, and the members who were part of the chorus in each-and-every year of its history! As the years rolled by, we were invited to come forward and be part of a picture of the chorus as it grew through the past twenty-one years! It was an extraordinary feeling to watch the chorus grow before our eyes!
Charter members of the 1998 Circle of Harmony
from left: Christine Yorke, Peggy Churey, Andrea Grebenc.
Master Director Barb Hodge, Kathy Wettlaufer
Assistant Director Margaret Fielding and Shearn Bonner.
SAOY Sheila McKenzie,centre, with Gloria Kidston, left and
Vice President Sabine Findlay.
And the votes are in! At our Friends and Family before contest, we announced our SAOY 2018, Sheila McKenzie! Sheila is our PR Chair, and Performance Chair and works tirelessly behind the scenes for our chorus! Congratulations dear Sheila!
Looking forward to a very busy May with our fund-raising barbeques! Here's hoping the weather behaves for us!
The Circle of Harmony wishes all our sisters in harmony the happiest of Springs!
Susan Mander
Circle of Harmony
Limestone City Voices
Congratulations to all of Region 16 on a job well done!  Our Area 16 Conference in Syracuse was quite a magical weekend.  Love and harmony to everyone who crossed the stage, & to superb organizers who made it all possible.
The Limestone City Voices Chorus is thrilled and very honoured to be Region 16's Div A Champions, Most Improved, and Second Place Overall Chorus.
The 'icing on the cake' for us was seeing see our beloved director, Kristin Stevens, achieving Master Director.  Congratulations Kristin!
Many thanks to our fabulous coaches and chorus members Mo Field & Amelia Charnock.  Love to our energizer bunny, Vanessa Patterson, & our fearless Sue Babcock.  We would be lost without their vision & guidance.
To finish off the Saturday evening LCV had fun going around and singing for, and with, many other choruses. 
The next little while is going to be very busy for us. In late May, we will be competing in Harmony Inc. Area 5 contest, and on June 17, we will be joining The Kingston Townsmen for a Fathers' Day Show.
Jasmine Sweet
York Harmony Chorus
"OVERJOYED !" ,"So proud and happy", " What a thrill!!" , "We did it !", " 601 IS THE BOMB..."
These were just a few of the comments that York Harmony Chorus members made after our exciting achievement of being awarded 1st place for mid-sized choruses, and 3rd place overall, at the Region 16 competition held on April 21st. We worked hard, kept our pitch perfect focus, followed our plan, added some sparkle and shine, and really brought it to the stage. A special sweet highlight to our win was learning that our score was 601! There were tears and screams of complete JOY. Those in the audience may have heard us? We did it!! Martha achieved her well- deserved title of "Master Director". Beaming with pride, it was a special moment for us to return to the stage and sing one of our favourites: "Come on Get Happy". We were so very fortunate to share our special moment with our Region16 sisters in harmony. Celebrating together, and sharing our love for a cappella harmony is what it's all about!
Since 2001, Master Director Martha has seen many changes in our chorus. This past year presented some unexpected challenges for Martha, and for all of our YHC family. There's a saying "A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it". Well, we certainly did not bow, but instead rose together to the occasion as a team. Martha brings contagious passion and inspiration to us each week, motivating us to embrace personal growth, positivity, and the desire to be the best version of ourselves every day. Now that we have set our bar a little higher, we are continuing to build from that Master Level 601!  
We would like to give a special shout out to our fabulous 8 new YHC members who joined us on stage, and were absolutely phenomenal!

BIG HUGS go out to the entire organizing committee who pulled off yet another "seamless" Regional competition weekend. To all of our competing choruses, our "Sisters in Harmony" from Region 16, we extend our sincerest Congratulations! It's so wonderful to share the gift of song with all of you. Together we radiate support and encouragement, it's just how we Sweet Adeline's roll. 

Sweet Adelines Region 16
Sue Heighway - Communications Coordinator