Sweet Adelines Lake Ontario Region 16 Newsletter
September 2018
Fall Music School
November 9-11, 2018 - Kingston, Ontario
Guest Faculty: Ryan Heller

Registration Deadline is October 3rd!

News from SAI - Service Recognition Longevity

Sweet Adelines' new Service Recognition Longevity values all active years of membership

On August 28th an e-mail was sent to all members of Sweet Adelines with the following message from our International President Patty Cobb Baker.  Please click on the video to the right to watch the video.

To download the poster, please click here.
Contact Julie Sykes for more information
Meet us in St. Louis! 

Click here to read a communication from the Regional Executive Committee regarding the Pep Rally in St. Louis! 

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Submission Deadline for next Issue
October 17,2018

Friendly reminders about your articles: 
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  • Send your articles either in a Word document, or in the body of an email. Please do not send as a PDF
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Region 16 Welcomes! 
Canadian Showtime Welcomes 
  • Linda Moorcroft
  • Colette Ouellet
  • Carol Douglas
  • Marilyn MacGregor
  • Pauline Coathup
  • Maria Pakenham
Regional Website Login Information
Just a reminder that our Region 16 website does not have a member specific login.  In order to get to the Regional Songs, enter the userID and Password below in the "Members Only" area.

UserID:      member16
Password: singalong
Past Publications
Click on the link below to see past issues of the Sixteenth Notes

Please update your chorus rehearsal and contact information in the "Chapter Portal" of the Sweet Adelines International website.  This is accessed via the "Members Only" section.  Click here for instructions
Commonly-asked competition questions are answered here (quoted from the Sweet Adelines International Competition Handbook):
"Competing choruses must have at least fifteen (15) members on stage, not including the chorus director(s). A chorus that competes with fewer than fifteen (15) competing members, not including the chorus director(s), may perform for Evaluation Only or Open Division."
"A chorus competing for Evaluation Only or Open Division (video evaluation excluded) may use the performance to meet the requirement for having competed every three (3) years to maintain the chorus' charter."

Region 16 Convention Site Search Task Force
Our regional demographic is changing! Regardless, it has been 4 years since our last contest site-search so the timing is perfect for exploring options and potential alternate venues to our oh so familiar Syracuse!
The Regional Governance Committee (aka RMT) tasked the Chair, Regional Convention (CRC) with appointing a Site Search Taskforce. Because of their experience with the 2014 site search and their role on the Convention Team, the following were appointed.
Current Region 16 Geography
  • Cathy Stovold, Events Coordinator
  • Colleen O'Dwyer, Finance Coordinator
  • Shelley Snoulten, Competition Coordinator
  • Diane Seaward, Awards and Co-housing Coordinator
  • Barb Jacob, Transportation and Co-Housing Coordinator
  • JD Crowe, Chair Regional Convention 
Their mandate is to conduct a comprehensive site search for contest 2020 and beyond (we are locked into contracts with Syracuse for 2019). Specifically, their search includes:
  • Suitability of contest venue
  • Hotel availability
  • Busing availability if required
  • Cost
In 2014, site search criteria were provided to a committee that was tasked with exploring potential sites in all four corners of our region. Fifteen (15) potential sites were found but due to availability for our contest dates, only seven (7) were forwarded to the Task Force for consideration. Because of very specific International Competition criteria for stage, lighting, sound, judging facility, rest areas, etc., of the seven (7) that made the short list, only five (5) met all of the specified criteria.
For 2020 and beyond, the 2018 Task Force is looking at a number of venues in Ontario. Of particular interest are venues without busing to reduce operational expenses but we are keeping an open mind. We hope to have a more detailed report for you by Fall Music School in Kingston in November. We will present our findings at the CCL and Team Lead/President Class at the School. Come in large numbers and be the first to hear all about it!
Our goal is to find a venue that will be cost effective and will provide the best on stage experience to our members. Keep watching this spot! Exciting times ahead!!

JD Crowe
Chair, Regional Convention
& Chair, Site Search Task Force
Quartet Corner
OK, sure, everybody knows about the basketball superstar. But even before he was famous he lived a life of discipline. He always knew he wanted a life playing sports so as he was growing up, he learned every aspect of sport so he could use all his talents when the time came. He analyzed his bad habits, replacing them with habits that produced success. Eventually he was able to play with freedom and abandon and drive. He prepared himself for the big players, a higher level that he believed was his.
Can you see the parallel in quartet singing? At any time, we can throw on Michael Jordan's uniform. Well, his attitude perhaps... You may not be in your 'forever' quartet (Relax, there has never been a forever quartet) but you can design your own future by thinking like Michael Jordan. Whether you are in a quartet or are looking for parts, there are so many things that can be done at home to step up, to achieve that higher level so that you will bring more to the foursome at the very next rehearsal. It is a win/win situation. Make yourself a list of all the things you could do, then if you do ANY of them, you are further along your path. What we want to do and what we actually do sometimes differ because life gets in the way.
For example, we are all somewhere along the continuum of tension-free breath support. If you have found something that helps you sing as well with others as you rehearse on your own, please post it on Facebook's REGION 16 QUARTET page so we could all try it out. Haven't looked for that page yet? Check us out.
Obviously, Michael Jordan received lots of coaching. Have you? It is available right here in our very Region. At the Fall Music School in Kingston in November, faculty is standing by ready to help you find a new layer of success. You don't have to be in registered quartet to book an hour.  Click here for the information and coaching registration form.
See you there!
Paula Allen
Chorus Events

We are thrilled to announce that North Metro's A Cappella Challenge for youth is underway once again. It is time to start planning your audition submission!
Last year's event was a huge success with groups from across Ontario participating in the inaugural event. With representation from a cappella groups with as few as four members to over 30 members, incredible talent crossed the stage in an evening of fun, high quality vocals, and comradery. The winning group, JAMME, hailed from Etobicoke School of the Arts.
The purpose of the A Cappella Challenge is to promote a cappella singing in our young people and give them a forum to share their talents with one another and with a grateful audience. As they perform alongside North Metro Chorus, some of these young people will hear the a cappella sounds of Barbershop for the first time. What a wonderful way to introduce young women and young men to this fulfilling hobby of ours.
If you are part of a youth choral group, work with a youth choral group, or know of a youth choral group who might be interested in the A Cappella Challenge, please share the link to our website with them (www.youthacappellachallenge.wordpress.com ). On-line auditions are due by November 30, 2018.
Please keep an eye on the website for ticket availability in December. We would love to have you join us in the audience on February 9, 2019 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.
If you'd like further information, please feel free to contact us.
Colleen Drautz   and Karen Armstrong
Co-Chairs of the A Cappella Challenge 

Barrie Soundwaves presents
Shades of Broadway
October 27th

for more details visit

Join Canadian Showtime
for Oktoberfest! 
Friday October 26th

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Canadian Showtime presents
An Affair To Remember
Sunday December 2nd

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Upcoming Events
Music School
November 9-11, 2018
Kingston, ON
Music School
June 7-9, 2019
Quartet Workshop
October 26, 2019
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