Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the summer, staying healthy and using your singing voice! 

This month is a shorter issue than usual of the Sixteenth Notes given many choruses having taken varying lengths of vacation.  We look forward to you telling us about your September chorus news by sending us more great articles for our next edition. 

A few loving reminders: 

As indicated in our July 25th email (Click here for a refresher), please remember our next Team Leader/President Zoom gathering is on Saturday morning September 26th from 10-11:30 am. If you cannot attend, please send another Management Team/Board member in your place. Zoom link: 
Diane Seward, Regional Awards manager, has sent out an email to chorus leadership concerning the above regional awards that will be presented at our October 17th, 2020 virtual Fall Music School.  We look forward to receiving your nominations in recognition of these special individuals in your choruses.

Due to careful accounting over the past many years, and in keeping with Sweet Adelines International budgeting recommendations, the Regional Management Team was able to maintain a reserve fund for emergencies. In an effort to make things easier for our members and choruses, this reserve was used to waive each member's 2020-2021 $100 USD regional assessment, as well as provide many free virtual education opportunities for directors and our general membership.  

Recently, all Team Leaders/Presidents and Finance Coordinators were informed that each Region 16 chorus will receive a $500 USD grant to help offset expenses associated with virtual education (for example, Zoom, bringing guest presenters/faculty to your rehearsals, etc.). We hope you will find these funds helpful during these challenging times.

Don’t forget to visit our great new Region 16 website!  Of special note are the:
  • Events page so you can keep on top of what’s going on, and
  • Educational Resources page where you can find our virtual class videos, hand-outs and other helpful materials.

All chapter Team Leaders/Presidents received an email from Janell Mason on August 24th, Subject: “IBOD eVote - A Message to Chapter Presidents/Team Coordinators from International President Joan Boutilier.”
  • All members should review the nominee bio information: Click here
  • Chapter Team Leaders/Presidents should establish the tellers' committee, schedule chorus election meeting for October/November and make sure to casts your chorus' electronic vote by 12/02/20, 4:00 pm Eastern time. Here again is the Chapter Balloting Information for your convenience. 
We hope you will ensure your chorus has a voice in who will lead our organization as each vote does make a difference.

Stay Sweet Adeline Strong everyone!

Sue Melvin
RMT Team Coordinator

Septmber 2020

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Thank you to those who participated in last month’s Grow From The Inside zoom meeting series. To watch the August 15, Mindset of a Successful Quartetter! presentation by Kristin Stevens and Vanessa Patterson, Click Here. Scroll down the regional website page to view the PowerPoint presentation referenced during the call for additional resources and information. Thank you, Kristin and Vanessa!

Next Up is Personal Breaths – How, Where , Why and How Do I Find My Note?
When: Saturday, September 19, 10:00 am– 11:30 am. To register: Click Here
Topic: Get a better understanding on where to take a personal breath by utilizing these easy guidelines. Learn the easiest way to find your note when the pitch is blown and a little music theory to help understand barbershop arrangements.
Faculty: Nancy Watson and Paula Allen, Co-Master Directors 2012 -2016, current members of Greater Kingston Chorus; members of Walkin’ on Sunshine quartet.



Saturday, October 17, 2020

REGISTER NOW for this Region 16
all day FREE educational event. 

We will have education classes presented by talented and inspiring international faculty along with regional member recognition and awards.
  • Click on flyer picture to view PDF flyer with faculty bios and other info.
  • Click Here for more information on the class descriptions and schedule for the event.
  • To register for this event, Click Here

Note: This event will NOT be recorded, so please plan ahead to attend.  

All Regional members are invited to this all-day educational event featuring International Faculty: Caitlin Castilino, Baritone of Love Notes Quartet and Director of Diablo Vista Chorus, click here for biography.  Additional information and registration coming soon.
We are excited to introduce the new Young Women in Harmony Coordinator, Alana Regular! Alana started her Sweet Adeline journey in 1999 singing with Scarborough Chorus, Durham Shores Chorus and currently North Metro Chorus. She is immersed in the world of quartet singing and has had the pleasure of performing with a variety of quartets for over 10+ years. Notably, 2019 regional 4th place medalist, Glisten quartet. Alana will bring the perfect amount of enthusiasm and creative ideas to benefit the young women in our region.

Stay tuned for more information from her soon. We wish her much success in her new role! 
Shout out to Wendy Hall, member of Canadian Showtime Chorus for completing the Beginner Arrangers Certification Program (ACP) via virtual testing! Wendy and I spent a few Tuesday nights together this summer and she did an amazing job preparing and successfully passing each module. Thank you to her chorus mate, Kathleen Hickey for delivering flowers to her. Great job, Wendy.
Stay safe everyone an enjoy the rest of the summer!

Susann McKinley 
RMT Eduucation Coordinator
Do you know that in addition to the Sixteenth Notes, Region 16 has offered FREE monthly education sessions lately on your computer, phone or tablet? Our Regional education team has brainstormed ways to help us stay connected while providing methods to maintain and improve our singing. This is a great time to explore vocal improvement on a personal basis. Be sure to check it out because there is some great information being shared, even if you are not in a quartet right now.

Here is a wee TEASER for the September session: So’ fa mi, fa’ mi re, mi’ re ti, doh.

Tune in on Saturday, September 19 to find out what to do with this little ditty and more! Plus, there will be lots of specific practical suggestions you can play with.

See you there.

Region 16 Quartet Coordinator
It’s shocking to realize that it’s September and another summer is coming to an end. Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project calls September the other January. People start new things in January as part of the new year’s resolutions and they start new things in September as their schedules reorient to the Monday to Friday structure of school and work. It’s certainly going to be a September unlike any that we’ve experienced before but that doesn’t prevent us from starting new things. In fact, the circumstances of this September will force us to try to new things because the “old” things aren’t available right now. 

What is the new Membership thing that you will do this fall? For some it will be a virtual membership drive, for others it will be an activity to celebrate the unique contribution that each member contributes to her chorus. Musical activities are key to membership growth and retention too. A new approach to virtual rehearsals using guest faculty, PVIs on Zoom, or exploring the amazing musical tools available on Youtube could be the thing that has members come back to rehearsals week after week.

Whatever you decide your new thing for the fall is going to be, odds are that someone else in the Region has already done it or is trying it too. Check out the educational resources here on the regional web page or reach out to the Regional Management Team and we’ll help you connect with your peers. Members of the membership team are also available if you want some help developing your membership growth plan using the tools presented by Jen Cooke in June. Contact me at member@saregion16.com if you are interested.

Keep making music, spreading joy and supporting your sisters as only Sweet Adelines can.

Christine Yorke
RMT Membership Coordinator
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Orangeville Show Chorus
After a short break and a night of chorus trivia, the chorus gathered at the Davis Farm for a ‘Sunflower Soiree’! Wearing masks and social distancing, we enjoyed the gorgeous fields of sunflowers, and even managed to sing a couple of songs spread out amongst the blooms. And even though faces were covered, it was so refreshing to see everyone again, and not just the ‘face on Zoom’. And although no hugs, the love was tangible and hope was in the air.

Reflecting on the visit…brings to mind the ‘growth’ we saw…telling us that nature carries on during these trying times…flowers bloom and give beauty to the world. The seeds will be harvested and provide food. The earth will rejuvenate and prepare for next year’s crop. And so with our chorus…We will carry on…we will ‘bloom where we are planted’, as we learn new music that will eventually fill the world with song. We rejuvenate as we stay in our homes…we rest…we contemplate…we plan…we connect as able…AND we plan for next year!!

2020 will not define who we are. We have a HISTORY…long before Covid 19 changed our lives. We had Shows. We attended Music Schools. We joined Committees. We sat at Board Meetings. We went on Retreat. We had Section Practice. We moved Risers. We had Chorus Parties to celebrate milestone years. And we SANG tags and even some songs we thought we would never learn…in different languages!!!. We had it all. AND we will have it again.

In the big scheme of things, 2020 will be in our History Book as a time of struggle, a time of change, a time of sadness for many, a time of pain, a time of economic downturn, and a time of isolation. BUT…it will also be shown as a time of learning new things, a time of new means to communicate, a time of hope, a time of connecting like we never did before, a time of promise and a time to regroup, refresh and move forward.

Sunflowers will grow and bloom again next year. Orangeville Chorus will also experience growth as we move through these times and will ‘bloom’ again in 2021 with new music and new possibilities, with our faces to the sun!

Anne Richardson
Circle of Harmony Chorus
Each summer, the members of Circle of Harmony celebrate their year at a summer social, often a pool party where we talk, laugh and sing. Well, we weren’t going to let a global pandemic stop our annual tradition, so we tweaked it a bit to fit the circumstances.
Instead of everyone in a single backyard, we divided up our members and had five physically-distanced events; four in backyards with 6-8 people attending and one online Zoom meeting for those wanting to socialize from home. One firm rule was no singing, and while that initially seemed hard, we ended up not really noticing as we talked, talked and talked some more. It was so nice to see each other and to share stories, news and just catch-up.
A fabulous time was had by all – so much so that we’re going to do another one in September!


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