Fall 2020 | PATH INTL. REGION 8
Large or Small, we
represent you all!
Hello and Welcome to your Region 8 Newsletter!

It is an honor to connect with you, our members, this quarter as we enter the Season of the falling leaves.

Change is in the air, the land, and sky. Change is also inside of us as our bodies prepare for the leaner part of the year. I trust everyone is grateful for cooler winds and temperatures. Or not, for those that celebrate summer and her heat! This is the time of year when the grass changes from green to golden hues and our equine partners begin to fuzz up, losing their sleek summer sheen.

Large and small changes have been reflective of this year's persona since day one! Working from home, a first for many, and planning the proper protocol to allow for safety and protection against the “C” word while we serve our participants. Zoom is no longer red and blue rugby shirts, but meetings and conferencing with our horsey peeps!. Through the highs and lows, our industry has remained strong and united. We have held together and we rode the waves of inconsistency and change. The beauty of it is, we have found ourselves standing tall with our feet on the ground!

Many of you have taken hits from hurricanes, storms, high winds and budgets due to closures and reorganization. Many have felt the pains of the closures deeper than others. Our Regional Leadership Team has worked hard to reach out to those needing assistance. You, our PATH International members, are the foundation of the EAAT industry! We tuck and roll, we tumble, we pull ourselves and each other up by the bootstraps. We”Cowgirl Up” or “Cowboy Up”, whichever fits your stride. We have prayed for each other, held hands when words were lost, and shared donations of hay and tack without hesitation. We continue to bless each other in both Large and Small ways!

I commend all of our center’s staff, volunteers, donors, and supporters for keeping our PATH Intl centers open and operating. At each center, amazing changes are created to overcome the challenges in the lives of every individual that participates in the programs provided. Fall is meant for regrouping and gathering from the summer sowing! Take
time to reflect on the amazing accomplishments that were made during a very perplexing year.

Keep supporting, connecting, and reaching for the sky with each other. The sky is limitless~

Respectfully, Jen Donahue Region 8 Representative
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