Region Conference Guide

We are looking forward to seeing over 8,000 members and advisors at our upcoming Region Conferences! Please read over the information below to make sure you and your students are prepared for this exciting conference!
Dress Code
It is the advisor's responsibility to enforce that all students, parents, and guests are aware of the Texas FCCLA Dress Code. This is posted online, and a PDF copy can be printed from the link below.

Students are expected to be in official dress at all times when in the conference area.

Students will not be permitted into check-in, the workshops, general sessions, or FCSA's if they are not in official dress. Please make sure you and your students are aware of the Texas FCCLA dress code.

Students should be reminded that while at the conference, they are not only representing their school but also the Texas FCCLA delegation. Students should be appropriately dressed at all times, and should not wear pajamas or inappropriate clothing around the hotel facility.

There's more than just STAR Events!
Spotlight on Projects
Have your students done an outstanding project? Enter their project in the "Spotlight on Projects" display competition! Entries (of up to 3 students) can create their display and set it up as part of the competition at the Region Leadership Conference!

The top 3 projects in each category will advance to the State Leadership Conference.  The top overall project at state will receive a check back to their chapter and be asked to represent Texas at Nationals for the Spotlight on Projects Display!

For more information, see  Spotlight on Projects  on the Texas FCCLA website.


Family & Consumer Sciences Assessments are subject orientated objective tests offered to FCCLA members at the Regional Leadership Conferences and at the State Leadership Conference.

There are 13 different tests that cover a variety of FCS courses, FCCLA information, etiquette, and parliamentary procedure!

Students will receive either gold, silver, or bronze medal or a particpant certificate, based on their score.

For more information and the updated study guides, see FCSAs   on the Texas FCCLA website.
Voting Delegates & Region Officer Selection
Region Service Learning Projects

Please bring items to support your area's service project! Certificates will be given to each school that participates, and awards will be given to those with the greatest contributions.

Flyers can all be printed from the individual Region Meeting webpages.
Competitive Event Schedules
Competitive Event Schedules will be updated online by January 4, 2019 (at the latest). We will email out once they have been posted.

Please note that schedules will be updated again the week prior to the conference after the drop and substitution deadline. Times will be adjusted, but the day of competition will not be changed.. On the day of competition, in the event of no-shows, the last assigned team in that category will be moved up to the dropped entry's spot.
Drops and Substitutions
If you have a team that will no longer be competing, please let us know so that we can alter our schedules. Substitutions can be done in the registration system, and drops can be emailed to
Competitive Event Check-In
An individual and/or team member must sign in at the competitive event check-in in dress code/presentation attire. This check-in will be at a designated time that is reflected on the competitive event schedule. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to locate their check-in room in advance so that they will not be late.

Conference registration check-in is NOT the same as competitive event check in. Each individual/team MUST check in at their competitive event check-in time that will be posted on the top of the event schedule.

If participants arrive up to fifteen minutes after the end of the competitive event check-in time, a $25 fee will be imposed. Payment must be brought to headquarters prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day of the events. Anyone more than fifteen minutes late of the assigned check-in time will be disqualified and not allowed to compete. 

(From page 9 of the Texas Competitive Events Guidebook)
Conference Activities for Students
In addition to the competitive events, students are encouraged to attend all portions of our Leadership Conference! Please make sure to encourage your students to attend:

  • Spotlight on Projects- open to all members for voting on the top projects to advance to the state level!
  • House of Delegates- This is the business session where students running for office will present their speeches and be voted on. All delegates can attend! Each chapter will have one voting delegate that can come and cast a vote.
  • Leadership Workshops- These will be presented at 1pm, 2pm, and 3pm by the State Officers! Have your students attend to learn about projects and ideas to implement in your chapter!
On-Site Substitutions
If you need to substitute a competitor, you need to come to Head Quarters prior to check-in time to complete the change and pay the $25.00 fee.
On-Site Fees
On-Site Registration Fees
$22.00 per member
$15.00 per Family and Consumer Science Assessment Test (FCSA)

Summary of Additional Charges for Competitive Events
$50.00 Per member on-site affiliation fee
$25.00 Up to 15 minutes late competitive event check-in
$25.00 Per member on-site substitution fee
$30.00 Returned check or declined credit card fee  
State Meeting Information
State Conference will be in Dallas, Texas on April 4-6, 2019. We will post the conference information and housing reservation link in January. We have some information already posted on the State Conference Webpage. We hope that you can join us!

Please see below regarding the new State Volunteer Policy and Talent Show application.