It's been 4 years since we have gathered in person for
Regional Assembly.

Help us to be ready for you.

Read on for highlights of this year's assembly.

Registration, mission project and donation links are at the bottom of this email...................

At Regional Assembly we gather with members and friends of the 43 congregations in the Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho. We are from two states, worship in three languages, worship in houses, rented spaces, buildings we own, and on fields where we hope to build buildings. And we serve one God. Together we will share worship, meet church leaders, reunite with friends and make new ones hosted by Salem First Christian Church.

In past years, we know that 1/4 to 1/3 of all registrations for assembly came in the last week before the event. Because we knew "about how many" usually come to assembly, we could plan for approximate participation. Since COVID 19 season, we don't want to make old assumptions for a new time.

For that reason, we hope that you will register a bit earlier this year, so that we can be ready for all of you! You can register now and pay later by check or on line. We just want to know you are coming. We have reduced the price by $10.00 per person from 4 years ago. We have offered a first time attender discount. Kids and Youth are invited to come to programs that are offered for free. We hope this will help more people decide to come. We will be streaming some parts of the service, for now we need to know who plans to come in person.

We just need to know that you plan to come.
Let us know and tell your friends to come with you!

We have great guests coming to be with us.
  • Friday night, Vy Nguyen, Executive Director of Week of Compassion
  • Friday night, Belva Brown Jordan, Moderator of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in United States and Canada
  • Saturday morning, Dean Phelps, musician, technology in church expert, member of Office of General Minister Staff and previously on staff for regional churches in transition in Central Rocky, Oklahoma, Indiana, Kentucky.
  • Saturday afternoon, Blanca Puma, Executive Director FEDICE Ecuador, our Global Mission Partners.

Since our last email to you about assembly, we have posted registration information, schedule and mission project info. Much more to post this week, including a list of workshops.

Here's the thing, the exact number of workshops will be determined by an estimate of participants. So that list is pending final release to make sure we have the right number of options for possible numbers of people present in person.

You can find registration and invitation samples for the regional assembly HERE with more to be added this coming week. Starting this week, we will have twice a week promos on our media highlighting differing parts of the assembly.

If you cannot come, yet you want to help the assembly provide a gathering for the region, consider making a donation to the costs of the assembly, since this year we are reducing the cost to participants but costs to provide the assembly are higher than previous years.

If you cannot come, but want to send items for the mission project, here is the list of items you can send or bring to Salem FCC.

We look forward to hearing from you!!
Programs and resources are provided to you by your Regional Church and the whole church ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) which are supported by Disciples Mission Fund, Annual Fund gifts, the Christmas Offering, designated gifts, and invested funds Learn more about the Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho HERE.