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Regional Housing Market Analysis Study
In the FY20 RVARC Work Program, Franklin and Roanoke Counties made similar requests for housing market studies. Roanoke County sought to study the greater Roanoke Valley. As such, staff has applied for funding through the Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA) for a Community Impact grant to fund a Regional Housing Market Analysis Study. The anticipated outcome is to identify housing needs and demands for housing based upon current and future economic development needs.
The study area will include the Counties of Franklin and Roanoke (incorporating the Towns of Boones Mill, Rocky Mount, and Vinton respectively) and the Cities of Roanoke and Salem. The study will also reference findings from two market studies performed in Botetourt County and the Alleghany Highlands.
The goals of the study are to:
  • Develop a document that identifies housing needs and provides both a regionwide and locality-specific market analysis.
  • Analyze commuter and residential patterns.
  • Incorporate results and findings from recently performed housing studies in Botetourt County, Village of Ferrum (Franklin County), Route 419 Town Center Plan Residential Analysis (Roanoke County), and the Alleghany Highlands portion of the region.
  • Create economic development opportunities by providing strategies to address housing concerns.
  • Develop regional and locality-specific recommendations that address local housing needs and encourage private investment.
  • Engage stakeholders to determine local housing needs and identify potential opportunities and partners to address and identify needs.
On February 12 th , staff issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for a consultant to perform the study. The deadline for proposals was Friday, February 28 th . Upon funding from VHDA, a consultant will be selected and a regional stakeholder group will meet periodically during the study process to review the consultant’s progress.
Here is a link to the RFP . For more information, contact Bryan Hill at 343-4417 or .
Regional Career and Technical Education Study: Participate in the Survey
The Western Virginia Workforce Development Board received GO Virginia funding to conduct a regional study to assess current operations, future plans, demands, and needs of career and technical education and workforce development (CTE) programs in the Roanoke Valley and Alleghany Highlands. Shaffer Evaluation Group was selected to conduct the study and has already had a kick-off meeting with local officials and businesses.

You can provide input by completing a short survey on CTE strengths and needs in the region.  You may complete the survey using this link.  
RIDE Solutions' Art by Bus Program Accepting Applications for 2020 Writer by Bus
The City of Roanoke Arts Commission, RIDE Solutions and the Greater Roanoke Transit Authority are partnering to once again to present a unique literary opportunity in summer 2020. Application packets will be accepted until 5 PM on Wednesday March 18.

A writer (or writers) will be provided a bus pass and paid an honorarium of $1,000 to create a unique work of literature while riding different bus routes. The work may be in any genre including short stories, poetry, essays, plays, etc. and may also include art, music or photography. The work will be published in the form of a chapbook as well as on the participating organizations’ websites and other venues as available.

Get more information in the  2020 project description or Download the  2020 application .
The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority to Provide Residential Service: Take the survey to express your interest
The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority recently began the process of providing residential broadband service in the Roanoke Valley. The 100 mile network already serves business and institutions in the region, and by providing residential options, the RVBA continues the mission of providing competition and affordable choices to all sectors of population. One of the first steps is identifying areas of demand which can integrate into the existing network. Your participation in the RVBA survey of potential demand is key to expanding options for everyone.  You may take the survey at this link. 
The feds are coming to assess Roanoke Valley Transportation Planning Organization (RVTPO) compliance. They want to know what YOU think of the RVTPO! Meet the Federal Team on Wednesday, March 25 between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm at 313 Luck Ave SW . (Can’t make it? Drop by Thursday, March 26 between 9 and 10 am!)
Ongoing Projects
The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission is always working with localities on projects that benefit the region. Some of these projects are listed below.

  • Craig County Community Resource Center Planning grant
  • Alleghany Highlands Trail and Greenway Inventory
  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy 5-Year Update
  • Regional Housing Study: Franklin and Roanoke Counties, and the Cities of Roanoke and Salem
  • Stormwater Assistance
  • Vinton Zoning Assistance
  • Working on promotion and access improvements for the Roanoke River Blueway
  • Working with the regional local foods partners to examine "Food Hub" needs in the region

For more information on ongoing projects contact  Tim Pohlad-Thomas   or visit .