Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission News
Celebrating 50 Years of Regional Service
Regional Commission Through the Years
The Fifth Planning District Commission is officially renamed the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission.
Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Available for Public Comment
The public is extended an opportunity to review, read, and comment on the proposed 2019 Annual Update of the Roanoke Valley–Alleghany Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy planning process is managed by the Regional Commission. The document and the ongoing planning process is designed to bring together the public and private sectors in the creation of a regional economic plan. This plan is designed to diversify and strengthen regional economies.

The public comment period is open until June 26, 2019. An official public hearing on the Annual Report will be held at the June 27, 2019 meeting of the Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission. The CEDS is available at
Commission Releases Regional Local Food Plan Survey
The Regional Commission is working with area stakeholders to develop a Roanoke Valley Local Food Plan to promote and expand the existing food infrastructure within the greater Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas with expected outcomes of stimulating economic development, improving area livability, preserving existing natural resources, and increasing food access. The Consumer Survey is designed to capture preliminary data about food purchasing habits in the Roanoke Valley and how we can improve access and distribution of local food in our area. Take the survey here .
Wayne Strickland Named United Way Campaign Leader of the Year
During the United Way Roanoke Valley Annual Awards Celebration, Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission Executive Director Wayne Strickland was named United Way "Campaign Leader of the Year"

According to Jeff Collignon, VP of Resource Development for United Way Roanoke Valley, "Wayne has been an advocate of United Way for many years. He has served on the Board and provided valuable information and insights into this community and how we can work together to make it better. As the leader of a regional commission that is now celebrating 50 years this year, no one better understands the importance of collaboration and putting self-interest aside for the benefit of the entire community and region."
Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Completes
On-road Audits
The Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee completed ten on-road audits this year with staff from the City of Roanoke, Salem, Vinton, and Roanoke County, most recently on May 7, a walk audit on Ogden Rd. Auditors and county and city staff walked in the dirt path on the side of the road and assessed where a sidewalk might be most feasible and what the challenges will be.
RIDE Solutions Director Presents at Virginia Transit Association Conference
RIDE Solutions Director Jeremy Holmes hosted a presentation about "Using Social Media To Promote Transit" at the Virginia Transportation Association Annual Conference in Portsmouth, Virginia.
RIDE Solutions Hosts 8th Annual Night Riders Ball
On Saturday May 11th, RIDE Solutions and 5 Points Music Sanctuary hosted the 8th Annual Night Rider’s Ball. This annual event to celebrates the cycling community in Roanoke Virginia by throwing a big party to celebrate bike month in May.

The night consisted of incredible performances by Headtronics , The State Birds , and Young, Angel, Leonard, Eanes - YALE , a selection of Deschutes Brewery's finest beverages, and delicious Korean inspired eats from Hanu Truck .
In order to celebrate bike month and promote riding your bike to the event, RIDE Solutions offered free entry to everyone who arrives by bike. Due to this incentive, and parking over 95 bikes throughout the night, this was the most successful Night Rider's Ball we have hosted!

This event would not have been possible if it wasn't for our amazing sponsors: Deschutes Brewery | Cardinal Bicycle | Roanoke Outside | WFXR News.
Ongoing Projects
The Roanoke Valley-Alleghany Regional Commission is always working with localities on projects that benefit the region. Some of these projects are listed below.

  • Alleghany County Wrightsville Neighborhood CDBG Planning Grant
  • Greenway Support
  • Local Food Plan
  • Rural Bikeway Plan
  • Rural Transit Study
  • Urban Forestry Council
  • Working with local governments, tourism organizations, and the private sector on a promotional campaign for the Roanoke River Blueway
  • Working with the regional local foods partners to examine "Food Hub" needs in the region

For more information on ongoing projects contact  Tim Pohlad-Thomas   or visit .