Hello Sweet Adelines Members,
I hope this message finds you and your families well. During this unprecedented time in our history, it has been challenging for our chorus leaders to make decisions without our usual goals, including regional and international contests. Sweet Adelines International leadership is moving forward to allow competitions to happen once again! We are planning for Regional Competition 2022!
Each RMT has their own unique considerations, such as business contracts, which may factor into how performers in their respective regions will participate in the 2022 Regional Competition season, either by holding an in-person event or offering a video contest. Both options will provide the opportunity for international awards qualification, evaluation performances and our Open Division. Your chorus is under no pressure to participate in Regional Competition 2022. (Please see information regarding the “3-year rule” in the FAQs linked below.)
This message contains the following items regarding Regional Competition 2022.
  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): We foresee this document expanding to include questions that arise.
  2. Video Submission Procedures: Any competitor that chooses NOT to attend a live, in-person regional contest but who wishes to participate in the 2022 Regional Competitions, will utilize these procedures in their contest submissions.
The 2022 Regional Competition journey will not be “one size fits all” for all 24 regions or for individual performers, and we anticipate that your regional leaders will consider all options to make your regional event successful and safe. We know that you are eager to know what your region and your chorus is planning for you. Your chorus leaders received this information just last week. Your RMTs are working on a detailed plan for your region now. They will provide you with specifics according to their timeline. Upon receiving more information from them, many of your questions will be answered. Until that time, we ask that you let them meet behind the scenes and be patient with your chorus leaders as they all work to complete their planning.
International leaders and headquarters staff are dedicated to assisting each RMT in determining the individual choices that will work best. Each performer has had a unique set of circumstances to navigate, and we know that our 2022 competition experiences will be different from previous years, and look different across the organization. Flexibility and adaptability will be the keys to the success of Regional Competition 2022. We are focused on our goal of providing performance opportunities that will be important steps on our journey forward.
I’m excited to look ahead with optimism, doing what we love and harmonizing the world! Thank you for making “Sweet Adelines Strong!”
In song,
Joan Boutilier
International President
If you have questions or concerns about the contents of this letter, you may address them to exec@sweetadelines.com.

Thank you for your continued commitment to staying #SweetAdelinesStrong.