Greenmarket Regional Grains Project
Bread as Agriculture Product Highlights, Part Two  
Body and Soul's Emmer and Black Bean Chili Turnover

Greetings from Greenmarket's Regional Grains Project. This week's outstanding baked good is Body and Soul's Emmer and Black Bean Chili Turnover.

For 19 years, Body and Soul bakery has sold top-quality vegan baked goods at Greenmarket. Head baker and owner Deborah Gavito's commitment to baking with plant-based ingredients grown in New York's soil has translated into outstanding products that closely mirror Greenmarket's seasonality. Recently, Body and Soul has taken this commitment a step further, venturing where many bakeries haven't by utilizing the full diversity and versatility of the region's grains.
Body and Soul's innovative use of grains grown in the Northeast is exemplified by their Emmer and Black Bean Chili Turnover, which sports a colorful shell made with certified organic, locally grown and milled flour from Champlaign Valley Milling. Bite into this shell and you will find the heat of chili spices against a hearty backdrop of black beans and emmer, both of which are grown in the Finger Lakes by Cayuga Pure Organics. While most customers are surely familiar with black beans, emmer, (also called farro) is a more recent addition to the northeast grain shed. Emmer replaced brown rice in Body and Soul's Chili Turnover when Gavito discovered this delicious, locally-grown substitute. Using emmer was not only a way to further support local agriculture; the grain also boasts better protein and fiber content. In a city where convenience food is often a necessity this turnover offers a portable, substantial meal made with natural, local ingredients. It is packed with flavor and nutrition, and it requires only one hand to eat. An outstanding product, indeed.

Find Body and Soul's Emmer and Black Bean Chili Turnover, as well as many other sweet and savory baked goods at these Greenmarkets:

Brooklyn Borough Hall - Thursdays
Union Square - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
Grand Army Plaza - Saturdays
Bowling Green - Thursdays
Ft. Washington - Tuesdays

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