March 2022
Regional Planning Program

Bianca Borg
Regional Planning Program Manager
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Channing Hofman, Regional/RTPO Planner
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Payton Showalter, Regional Planner
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MRCOG Legislative Summary
End of Session Report

Larry Horan, MRCOG's attorney, has prepared an end of session report for the 2022 legislative session.
Some important results from the session include:
  • The Governor vetoed SB 48 commonly referred to as the “Junior bill”.
  • SB48 allocated a total of $50.4 million to legislators, allowing them to fund both capital projects and operational programs.
  • In her veto message, the Governor stated “SB48 circumvents the important budget and capital outlay process that forms the basis for other large appropriations bills.”
  • The Governor has announced she will call a special session on April 5th to consider a “revised” Junior Appropriations bill and to discuss either rebates or a temporary freezing of the gas tax to give New Mexicans relief from high gas prices.
  • The total General Fund budget passed by the legislature was $8.48 billion, up 13.9% from the current fiscal year. The budget reserves exceed 30% and revenues for the current fiscal year and projections for next year continue to rise as the price of oil increases.
  • The legislature passed HB68, an omnibus crime bill.
  • It includes the creation of a law enforcement and retention fund, creation of a grant program for recruitment and retention stipends, changes to the duties and makeup of the Law Enforcement Academy Board, increases in survivor benefits for offers killed in the line of duty, increases in funding for the Law Enforcement Protection Fund, and creation of additional crimes and changes to existing crimes and penalties.
  • The Legislature passed HB163 an omnibus tax package.
  • It includes tax cuts and elimination of the tax on social security benefits.
  • The original draft of the legislation included a five-year moratorium on local governments, prohibiting the imposition of any additional gross receipts tax increments at the local level.
  • Hard work was put in to protect the authority of local governments. After several discussions with numerous legislators and the bill sponsor, the sponsor agreed to remove the moratorium.
  • The Capital Outlay package included total funding of $823,106,421 for capital projects. Included with this report is a listing of projects funded by County and a list of projects funded by individual legislators
Infrastructure Bill
What does your community need in order to be ready for upcoming funding?
MRCOG Regional Planning and Economic Development staff want to schedule a meeting to discuss your community's dream projects! MRCOG wants to help you be prepared to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.

Reach out to Payton Showalter if you are interested in discussing projects that are important to your community.
MRCOG Economic Development
Mid-Region Economic Development Recovery and Resiliency Plan
MRCOG is partnering with MRWM Landscape Architects, ESP, HatchForm, and RS21 to identify economic recovery and resiliency strategies for the entire MRCOG region. The goal of this project is to create economic and social resiliencies and empower local communities to withstand future threats.

The team conducted 7 stakeholder meetings to discuss the current conditions of the economy in the Mid-Region. Stakeholders discussed the various opportunities, threats, and challenges for communities. The team received great participation and valuable information during these meetings.

The next step in the development of this plan is a Strategy Development Workshop on March 31st from 9am to 12pm. We are looking for participation from community and industry leaders to help develop data driven goals and strategies. This will be a hybrid workshop with an option to join virtually or in person in the MRCOG board room.
If you are interested in being involved in this planning process,
please contact Payton Showalter.

Comments and feedback can also be submitted at
Regional Transportation News
Upcoming RTPO Meeting

April 21st, 2022
9:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Held Virtually on Zoom
The Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) Committee meeting agenda will be posted to the MRCOG website no later than 7 days in advance.
For more information regarding the RTPO meeting please contact Channing Hofman.
Regional Transportation Plan Survey
The RTPO is continuing its Regional Transportation Plan update process and would like you to complete a survey!

This survey will help us understand how well we have done in meeting the goals and strategies from the 2015 Transportation Plan, and we will apply that feedback to our planning processes going forward. The survey only takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Your responses are an invaluable part of this plan update.
Please share this link with anyone
in your community!
Funding Opportunities and Resources
Transportation Project Fund
The Transportation Project Fund (TPF) was established by NMDOT to support local communities develop their transportation infrastructure. Projects eligible for this grant program must fall within these categories: environmental and other studies; planning; design; construction; and acquisition of rights of way.

Application Deadlines:
To the MRRTPO - April 19th, 2022.
To NMDOT - May 31st, 2022

Please contact Channing Hofman for more information.
(505) 724 3632
"This grant invests in conservation-minded shovel-ready projects that are open to the public, increase access to outdoor opportunities, and demonstrate a clear economic benefit to the community through improved quality of live, better public health outcomes, and/or increased tourism. "

Applications opened March 1st
and are accepted on a rolling basis through December 2022.

Applicants are encouraged to apply early.

Register for a training session:
Mid-Region Council of Governments
809 Copper Avenue, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87012
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