March 2020 | Issue 1
Policy Updates
Behavioral Health Diversion
A growing number of communities have implemented behavioral health diversion programs as alternatives to conventional criminal justice case processing and incarceration. To assist in sharing best practices and build a continuum of opportunities, the CSG Justice Center helped host a recent training for judges, attorneys, social workers, and others whose efforts can help address this growing concern.
Rural Digital Opportunity Fund
Rural areas of the country are missing out on industry services due to a lack of broadband access. Conversations to address this challenge have been active at all levels of government and recently received a boost from the FCC's announcement of the new Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. Click below to learn more about the fund and conversations aimed at improving connections.
Member Updates
Utah State Visit
During a recent visit to the Utah State Legislature, CSG West staff enjoyed an opportunity to catch up with members and learn about the legislative priorities of this year's session. To learn more about what is happening in the Beehive State, click below!
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