June 2020 | Issue 1
Policy Updates
The Legacy of Water Rights along the Colorado River
Flowing through seven U.S. and two Mexican states, the Colorado River is a prominent feature of the western region. Originally signed in 1922, the Colorado River Compact outlined tenants of water management for the river and its tributaries, but impacts from environmental changes have created the need for states to revisit this important doctrine. To help facilitate dialogue on this important topic, the CSG West Virtual Annual Meeting will host a special form inviting legislators and topic experts to share their knowledge and perspective. Click below to read more about the topic and one of the featured presenters.
Member Resources
COVID-19 State Resources
Be sure to check out the CSG COVID-19 resource site for updated information on initiatives and resources related to state responses to the pandem ic.
Qualified Immunity: A Brief History & Recent Supreme Court Ruling
Recent events have brought the debate about law enforcement use of qualified immunity to the forefront of many conversations. As with most legal concerns in the United States, there is a history upon which current standards and statutes have been built. For a historical overview, as well as insights in the recent petition denial by the U.S. Supreme Court, click below.
Member Updates
CSG West Vice Chair Applications Open
Through collective leadership, the CSG West Officers lead the organization's efforts to support regional collaboration, information sharing, and efforts of legislative institutions throughout the region. Interested in applying your skills to this role? Be sure to submit your application by the July 15 deadline!
"[Do you] want to help tell the story of your state’s successes? Being a CSG West officer puts you in the center of action and enables you to help lead the best legislative organization in the western states. Being an officer enables one to work cooperatively with other state legislators to bring the best ideas home." - Senator Sam Hunt, CSG West Past Chair, CSG Chair-Elect
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