"Keeping Our Agents In The Know"
 July 24, 2017
“HOW TO” Sell the Foundation Plan
Andrew Dudek, RHG Call Center Manager & Licensed Agent
The Foundation Fixed Benefit/Indemnity product from National General can be intimidating for Agents. But in retrospect, it’s really not - nor should it be! I simply think we have all forgotten “how to” sell.  While many of us think we are doing right by putting our clients on a Health Plan (that they will barely use) unless they meet a $7,150 out of pocket, we really aren’t doing them justice.

From the first enrollment of Obamacare we became spoiled. We became accustomed to no longer having to “sell” a policy. Because at the end of the day we knew at least 80% of our appointments or walk-ins were going to end up buying something. Even if it was the lowest cost Bronze plan with no benefits, they were most likely going to buy. But - why did we know they were going to buy? Because we know – they know -they want to have ‘peace of mind’. Peace of mind of having a catastrophic illness, knowing they have a “free” physical, or even from incurring the penalty.

RHG Christmas in Summer Lead Program
From your RHG Sales Team
RHG wants to HELP YOU have a great summer where every day is Christmas! 
Effective immediately and through Labor Day, RHG will be providing FREE EXCLUSIVE LEADS generated in our own Telemarketing facility, based upon your submitted new business:  

Product                   # of Free Leads  
Florida Blue ACA:    1 Free Lead
USAble Ancillary:     1 Free Lead
FB Medicare:           1 Free Lead
Foundation:             3 Free Leads
Life Sale:                   2 Free Leads

The Leads are targeted towards self-employed and small businesses.  75%+ of the health leads produced are ‘uninsured’ due to the high cost and are looking for an affordable alternative.  The other 25% of leads are primarily non-qualified health plans and/or grandfathered major medical plans (we don’t product FB ACA leads).  The Foundation provides the perfect permanent and affordable solution and our consumer presentation will help you guide the prospect through the product, quote and enrollment.

The Life leads are produced as “Living Benefit” and “Income Protection” leads.  All leads are exclusive to each agent and uploaded into your rabbittapp.com CRM.   To order the leads please submit the lead order form.   Allow 2 – 5 business days to receive the leads.   The RHG Christmas in the Summer Free Lead program is on now!!!

Medicare News
Dawn Verpaele, RHG Senior Market Director
When is Open Enrollment for Medicare?

Open Enrollment is from October 15th through December 7th every year. If you use the Open Enrollment period to choose a new Medicare Advantage or Part D plan, that new coverage will begin on January 1, 2018.

Florida Blue Certification

Completing your training is about to get a lot easier. On June 19, Florida Blue launched a new training system for agents and delegates called Florida Blue Learning. Medicare training should be released the end of July for the 2018 selling season.  Please check your Agent Sales Bulletin

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