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Jonathan Stride
Sept 24 2:00 PM
with Karen
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And Now She's Gone
Sept 24 6:00 PM
with Patrick
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Timber Creek K-9 Mystery
Sept 26 2:00 PM
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September 29 6:00 PM
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Orphan's Guilt
Joe Gunther
Virtual October 1 5:00 PM

Virtual October 1 6:00 PM with Patrick
The Reacher Guy
Our copies come with a custom designed bookplate that features the Coventry skyline (the city where Lee was born) and hides clues to all 24 sole-authored Reacher books. This limited edition print is signed by Child and Martin

Virtual book launch
October 6
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Virtual Book Launch
October 7
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A Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month

A Song for the Dark Times
John Rebus
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October 11 1:00 PM

Harry Dresden
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Stories by Mosley
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Next to Last Stand
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Escaping Dreamland
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A super spy story
Sequel to The Eighth Sister
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Virtual book launch
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Forgery & Poe
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Our September Crime Book of the Month
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A fabulous heist novel for fans of Thomas Perry and  Donald E. Westlake

a truly fabulous Scottish police procedural with DCI Karen Pirie
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Sister Fidelma
Medieval Ireland
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Stories by Mosley
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A sensational debut
Our October (or November) Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month
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19th Century Australia
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Squeeze Me
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Wicked satire by the Jonathan Swift of our time

Library Lovers Mystery
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Running now: Alan Bradley visiting with me from the Isle of Man where the Canadian bestselling author of the Flavia de Luce mysteries has lived the past eight years.
Brian Freeman
Today at 2:00 PM
with Karen
Brian Freeman in conversation with Karen
Freeman discusses his 10th Jonathan Stride Funeral for a Friend (Blackstone $27.99)
Signed books available

Another strong police procedural, this one set in Duluth, Minnesota and a 10th investigation for Lt. Jonathan Stride. 

Life hasn't been easy for Stride or his family. His best friend is now dying. On his deathbed he reveals to Stride that years back he buried a body in order to protect Stride. Stride immediately informs his superiors, knowing if it turns out to be the body of reporter Ned Bauer he'll be implicated in Bauer's death, since the police know he was the last person to see Bauer before everyone thought the man had drowned. The police then dig up Bauer's remains in Stride's yard. 

Bauer, who came to Duluth seven years earlier to investigate 30-year-old anonymous rape accusations against a prominent politician, has a bullet hole in his skull. Meanwhile, Cat Mateo, a teenage runaway Stride and his wife have taken under their wing, has been receiving a lot of unwanted attention resulting from the publicity surrounding her surviving an assault attempt by a Hollywood celebrity, who came to town to shoot a movie in the previous book. 

Grateful #MeToo survivors have sent Cat messages, but she's unnerved when someone local sends her a threatening picture of herself. Surprising connections between her case and Stride's soon emerge 

I find this a dark, fast-paced, beautifully written story.
Rachel Howzell Hall
Today at 6:00 PM
with Patrick
Rachel Howzell Hall discusses And Now She's Gone (Forge $27.99)
Signed books available

In Hall's complex, emotionally charged mystery-thriller And Now She's Gone, an African American PI with a troubled past investigates the discrepancy-laden disappearance of a woman who may have fled an abusive relationship. 

Although she's excited Rader Consulting has asked her to work in the field, instead of just writing the reports, 39-year-old Grayson Sykes still feels "nervous" and "nauseous" about her first missing person case. Nick Rader, a family friend and her boss at the firm in Los Angeles, wants Gray to find Isabel Lincoln, fiancée of gorgeous cardiologist Ian O'Donnell. Gray takes the case with caution, knowing some women vanish on purpose. And as Gray digs further, she begins receiving text messages from Isabel, claiming that Ian will kill her if he finds her. But the more Gray learns, the less sense Isabel's story makes. Soon Gray finds herself caught between her own dangerous past and Isabel's manipulations--if the person texting her is really Isabel.

This #ownvoices mystery keeps to a fast pace and has plenty to say during the ride, offering a strong, likable sleuth. Wry, smart-mouthed Gray may forget to bring a pen for notetaking, but she makes up for her lack of organizational skills with intelligence and a keen understanding of human behavior. Her will-they-won't-they dynamic with sexy, honorable Nick adds a sweeter layer of tension in an already suspenseful atmosphere, but Hall (They All Fall Down) also showcases a dynamic cast of supportive women coworkers.

Ann Cleeves and Martin Edwards
to post Friday afternoon
This is not a live event but will post later in the day
Martin Edwards and Ann Cleeves in conversation

Cleeves discusses The Darkest Evening (St Martins $27.99)

Yay, another country house murder, this one set in a very snowy, freezing Northumberland village where the big house, Brockburn, and its family still dominate. DI Vera Stanhope, familiar to those of you who watch the TV series starring Brenda Blethyn, has foolishly set off for home in deteriorating blizzard conditions when she comes upon an abandoned car. The door is open, the driver absent-and a baby is secured in its carrier in the backseat. 

Vera loses no time in hustling the baby to the nearest shelter which is Brockburn-as it happens, the ancestral seat of the Stanhopes. Vera is the child of the family black sheep, disdained by her relatives and herself preferring to ignore them. But here they are as a Christmas party is in full swing. And soon it's not just the abandoned baby but the body of a dead woman on the grounds in the snow that interrupt the festivities. 

So here we are in a classic scene, a large home in the countryside where family and guests are snowed in, even if not for long. And frictions grow. I love a strong British police procedural and here is a gem.

Edwards discussed Mortmain Hall (Poisoned Pen $15.99)

I may have been Martin's American editor, but I can't say better about this gem than this PW Starred Review:

 "Set in 1930s England, Edgar winner Edwards's sequel to 2019's Gallows Court ($15.95) is a triumph, from its tantalizing opening, in which an unnamed dying man begins to explain an unspecified perfect crime, through its scrupulously fair final reveal. 

Rachel Savernake, an enigmatic figure fascinated with mysteries, is tipped off by Reggie Vickers, who works in Whitehall, that someone is about to be murdered. Gilbert Payne, a publisher believed dead, is set to travel, incognito, from London to his mother's funeral in the country. Rachel warns Gilbert that his life is in peril, but he ignores her, and ends up dead under the wheels of a train. Meanwhile, Rachel's reporter friend, Jacob Flint, is approached by Leonora Dobell, one of the country's top criminologists, who seeks an introduction to Rachel, who later attends a house party at Leonora's home, Mortmain Hall, on the Yorkshire coast, for "acquitted murder suspects," whose ranks include other individuals Reggie mentioned to Rachel. The labyrinthine plot builds to a logical explanation. 

Edwards, the current president of the Detection Club, a group of British mystery writers founded in 1930, impressively channels Agatha Christie, one of his predecessors in that position." 
Debut author Richard Osman in conversation with Mark Billingham
Saturday 12:00 PM
UK author Richard Osman in conversation with Mark Billingham
Osman discusses his debut The Thursday Murder Club
(Viking $26)

Our October First Mystery Book of the Month in the Signed UK edition. And currently the #1 bestseller in the UK so don't delay reserving one of our few extra signed firsts

British TV celebrity Osman mixes mirth and murder in his exceptional debut, a series launch featuring the four members of the Thursday Murder Club, residents of the Coopers Chase Retirement Village in Kent. 

Despite their different backgrounds, Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Joyce, and Ron share an interest in solving mysteries. When 26-year-old Donna De Freitas, a police constable who dreams of pursuing serial killers, visits the home to talk to the pensioners about "Practical Tips for Home Security," the club members arrange for Donna to be assigned to a homicide case they have a connection to by manipulating her boss, so that they can get access to the investigation through a grateful Donna. That way they can take a crack at solving the bludgeoning murder of drug dealer Tony Curran, who operated a building business as a front, and whose killer left a photo of three men, one of whom is Ron's son, near Curran's corpse. 

 As the bodies begin to pile up, can our unorthodox but brilliant gang catch the killer, before it's too late? 

"If A Man Called Ove were a crime novel, it would be The Thursday Murder Club, with the golden-age murder mystery feel of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, and an eccentric, older ensemble cast reminiscent of Alexander McCall Smith's No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, and Anthony Horowitz's The Magpie Murders and his Detective Daniel Hawthorne mysteries.
Scott Graham
Margaret Mizushima
Saturday 2:00 PM
Scott Graham discusses his new National Parks mystery 
Mesa Verde Victim (Torrey $15.95)
We have a limited supply of this and others in Graham's series. Please order and we'll try contacting the publisher.

The latest of Graham's National Park Mystery Series find archaeologist Chuck Bender sucked into murder uncovered Mesa Verde-literally, from a hidden cave for starters-that threatens his family, particularly his daughter, too. Graham bring the Mesa Verde National Park with is ancient stone villages, secret burial sites, and artifacts taken away a century ago to Sweden by an early Scandinavian archaeologist, vividly to life and raises some tough questions about the stewardship of ancient remains and plunder vs. science.

Margaret Mizushima discusses Hanging Falls (Crooked Lane $26.99)
Signed books available for Mizushima

An imperfect heroine and her beloved canine sidekick: What's not to like? Certainly the PP staffers are fans. Mattie Cobb is finally stepping aside from her role as deputy and the human part of Timber Creek's only K-9 team to connect with relatives she thought she'd lost many years before. Her sister, Julia, and her abuela have plans to welcome Mattie with open arms, if only she can get away for a few days. 

But those plans are put on ice when Mattie and her friend Glenna come upon a body while jogging at Hanging Falls. Robo, Mattie's German shepherd partner, is needed to search the Colorado forests, so Mattie puts off her visit to find out who could have killed what appears to be an out-of-towner, then dumped him in the water. While Mattie keeps their shift from friendship to full-on romance private, she's happy to have the help of Cole Walker on the case.

As ever Mizushima portrays a small community warmly and she is aces on the K-9, a dog to love, and on the difficulties facing a blending family if in fact she and Cole create one.

James Rollins
Monday 12:00 PM
Last chance to order to get your personalized copy with a doodle of the dog Kane is Saturday
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28 2:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
James Rollins presents Unrestricted Access (Morrow $27.99)
A full length novella with Tucker Wayne and his war dog Kane set in Sedona! plus short stories

Signed copies, can be personalized up to 5 words and each has a doodle drawn by Rollins

Our 1000+ copies of this exciting volume by Rollins just rolled in the door so I have not been able to read it. I'm excited that the Kane novella is set in Sedona. 

Rollins writes it "includes EVERY short story that I've written across the breadth of my career. The anthology also includes new introductions, where I got to look back across those two decades and share anecdotes from a writer's life, to tell why I told certain stories. Some of the questions answered in this collection are:  How did Kowalski end up getting recruited by Sigma? What happens when Commander Gray Pierce runs into Steve Berry's Cotton Malone in a jungle? What story did George R.R. Martin challenge me to write? Or the master of kid's horror, R.L. Stine? You'll get all those answers PLUS a brand-new BIG novella featuring Tucker and his war dog, Kane. 

Rollins says, "Here's a bit more about "Sun Dogs," the new Tucker/Kane novella: While trekking through the Sonora desert, a gunshot thrusts Tucker and Kane into an adventure that challenges their considerable skills. The discovery of secrets known only to the native tribes of Arizona threatens to unleash an ancient force that could irreparably alter the future."
Joanne Fluke
A live event!
Tuesday September 29
6:00 PM in our parking lot
Joanne Fluke presents Christmas Cupcake Murder (Kensington $22.95)

Fluke joins us for a socially distanced, masked, outdoor signing for her fans who can assemble in our parking lot. Admission to the signing line will require the purchase of the book. 

There will be a table of individually wrapped cupcakes. Plus Joanne is providing light-up champagne glasses for you to keep after you drink a bit of bubbly.

We will record a closed conversation with Fluke at 5:00 PM in our usual set up in the store so that her far flung fans can watch her discuss this new investigation then or later.

Our signed copies come with a recipe card!

Bookshelves Giveaway
In order to make social distancing more possible at The Pen, we will be installing a new row of bookcases along our north wall that will be on casters, thus moveable. They will also allow us some window displays not possible during our first 21!!! years at this location. (The Pen turns 31 on October 3.... hard to believe)

So we are removing the current bookshelves as pictured and offer them to anyone who might like one. One of our staff has already requested a shelf.

Please email if you are interested in reserving one. 

You will need to arrange to haul it away.

Please do NOT call the store about this. It's John's project and his hours are evening. So please just use the EMAIL.
Our Revised October Calendar
October 3 is our 31st
Archer Mayor discusses his new Joe Gunther Vermont thriller Orphan's Guilt (St Martins $27.99)
Signed books available
Smith Henderson & Jon Marc Smith discuss Make Them Cry (Ecco $27.99) with Patrick
Books signed by Henderson with a letter signed by Smith available

Our 31st birthday
Val McDermid, there from the beginning, joins us to discuss
Still Life (Grove $26), our October British Crime Book of the Month. Policing in Scotland, England, and Ireland in this gem.
Signed UK copies link in the left hand column.
MONDAY OCTOBER 5 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Lee Child and Heather Martin in conversation
They discuss The Reacher Guy (Pegasus $29.95), Martin's authorized biography of Child that includes 16 pages of photos, most never before seen

Our copies come with a custom designed bookplate that features the Coventry skyline (the city where Lee was born) and hides clues to all 24 sole-authored Reacher books. This limited edition print is shared exclusively with us by Kenilworth Books in Warwickshire. It is signed by both Lee Child and Heather Martin 

TUESDAY OCTOBER 6 5:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Dean Koontz discusses his new novel Elsewhere (Thomas & Mercer $28.99)
Signed copies available
WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 7 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Alice Hoffman discusses Magic Lessons: The Prequel to Practical Magic (SimonSchuster $27.99)
Signed copies available
Vicki Delany discusses  Tea and Treachery (Kensington $26) and Dying in a Winter Wonderland (Berkley $7.99) plus 
A Death Long Overdue (Crooked Lane $26.99) written as Eva Gates and our October Cozy Crimes Book of the Month
Victoria Laurie discusses To Coach a Killer (Kensington $26)
Stuart Turton discusses The Devil and the Dark Water (Sourcebooks $26.99)
Signed bookplates. And for the first dozen orders, a nifty tote bag

Brad Thor hosts a discussion club for his latest Scot Harvath thriller Near Dark
This event is free but you must register to join the webinar

Please REGISTER here and a zoom link will be sent to you on October 7
Read the book first or suffer spoilers
Lisa Unger in conversation with Karin Slaughter
Unger discusses Confessions on the 7:45 (Park Row $27.99)
Our October Crime Book of the Month
Signed copies available for both authors
Karin's book is The Silent Wife ($28.99)

SATURDAY OCTOBER 10 3:00 PM Cozy mini-Con
Anna Lee Huber discusses A Pretty Conceit (Kensington $15.99)
Verity Kent Mystery
Alyssa Maxwell discusses Murder at Kingscote (Kensington $26
Gilded Age Newport Mystery
Sherry Thomas discusses Murder on Cold Street (Berkley $16)
A Lady Sherlock Mystery
SUNDAY OCTOBER 11 1:00 PM Virtual US Launch Party
Ian Rankin discusses A Song for the Dark Times (Little Brown $27)
Inspector Rebus
Signed UK edition available 
A Song for the Dark Times (Orion $45)

Lisa Jewell in conversation with Clare Mackintosh
Jewell discusses Invisible Girl (Atria $28)
Signed books available
Brian Selfon discusses The Nightworkers (Farrar $27)
Signed Books available
Rose Carlyle discusses The Girl in the Mirror (Harper $27.99)
Our International Crime Book of the Month
Aimee Molloy discusses Goodnight, Beautiful (Harper $27.99)
Signed books available for Molloy
John Grisham in conversation with Ace Atkins
John Grisham discusses A Time for Mercy (Doubleday $29.95)
Signed books available
Ace's November Spenser is postponed to January 12
David Rosenfelt discusses Silent Bite (St Martins $25.99)
A Christmas Andy Carpenter and canine adventure
Signed books available
Mark Salter discusses The Luckiest Man: Life with John McCain (Simon & Schuster $35)
This is a biography and is not a political event
Rebecca Roanhorse discusses Black Sun (Saga Press $27.99)
Our October SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month
Signed books available
Croak & Dagger discuss Ann Cleeves, The Long Call ($16.99)
MONDAY OCTOBER 19 5 PM A Poisoned Pen Press Duo
Mary Anna Evans discusses Wrecked (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
Faye Longchamp Archaeological Mystery
Sara Johnson discusses The Bones Remember (Poisoned Pen $15.99)
Alexa Glock Forensic Mystery (set in New Zealand)

Hardboiled Crime discusses John Gregory Dunne, 
Nothing Lost (Vintage $14.95)
Andrew and Lee Child in conversation
They discuss The Sentinel (Bantam $30), the new Jack Reacher
Signed book available plus a special letter to our customers from Lee Child
John Connolly discusses Dirty South (Atria $27.99)
Might be one or two Signed UK editions left: Dirty South (Hodder $44)

We close at 5:00 PM so our staff can enjoy it too
MONDAY NOVEMBER 2 6:00 PM Virtual Book Launch
Janet Evanovich discusses Fortune and Glory (Atria $28.99)
Stephenie Plum's new adventure
Real signed books plus a special Thanksgiving card for you in each copy
Our September Books of the Month
First, thank you for your response to The Pen's Books of the Month. The rise in membership means we can do a better job securing signed and unsigned books for you. It's not too late to join one or more clubs.

The Crime Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Parish, Stan. Love and Theft
British Crime Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Cleeves, Ann. The Darkest Evening
Cozy Crimes Book of the Month One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Fantastic New Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Lovett, Charlie Escaping Dreamland
First Mystery Book of the Month Club One Signed hardcover First per month
Pavesi, Alex. Eight Detectives  sold out Signed
Historical Fiction Book of the Month One Signed hardcover First per month
Clarke, Susanna. Piranesi  sold out Signed
International Crime Book of the Month One Unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
SciFi/Fantasy Book of the Month One hardcover or paperback per month signed when possible.
Pyper, Andrew. The Residence
Please email for details and to sign up. 

We Will Miss...
Fantasy author Terry Goodkind, known for the Sword of Truth series, died September 17 at age 72. 

His publisher, Tor Books, said that Goodkind "first established a career as a woodworker and artist, before eventually writing his debut novel, Wizard's First Rule, in 1994." That book launched the long-running Sword of Truth series, which eventually reached 21 titles, including the most recent entry, Heart of Black Ice, which was published in January. 

In 2019, he launched the Children of D'Hara series, set in the same world, publishing five installments between April 2019 and June 2020. In 2008, film director Sam Raimi (Evil DeadSpider-Man) and ABC Studios picked up the rights to adapt the Sword of Truth series as a television show. 
Mystery-of-the-Month Club 

Looking for something new to read each month and aren't sure what to choose?  Let us help... And it makes a great gift 
The Mystery-of-the-Month Club is individually tailored to each customer's specific tastes.  Just let us know what kinds of mysteries you enjoy, whether your looking for signed hardcover books or paperbacks, and we'll take it from there!
For more information, drop Patrick King a line at
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