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Eagle Fundamentals: Self-Management
Professional Golfers have to manage more than just their swing. Many of them have mental coaches to help control emotions and thought processes. They also probably have a nutritionist and personal trainer to keep their body in top shape.

When you play at that level, you need a lot of help... but what about the rest of us? Here are some things we can do to improve our mental and physical health.

1) Visualize a round of golf. If you were watching yourself on TV, what do you want it to look like? Often imagining our swing enables us to make it happen.

2) Eat foods high in protein. This will boost your muscle development and increase your endurance.

3) Exercise the right parts of your body. Biceps won't help you with your golf swing. Work on your legs, core, and forearms to get the most out of your workout if you are targeting golf fitness.
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Eagle Yardage Book: Building A Go-To Team
In pursuit of our goals and dreams, we all need the support of a team. These team members may include family, friends, teachers, coaches, or spiritual leaders.

It's important to select Go-To Team members who have expertise in the area that you are struggling. Once you have determined who might be a good fit, ask them to be a part of your team. Most people will be glad to help you on your journey, whether it be for golf, school, college, or career.
The Science of Golf: Work, Energy, and Power