Understanding Self and Relationships in the Workplace

Discussions around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice (DEIJ) have been a focal point in many of our personal, professional and social lives for the past year, or well before. For many, these conversations are happening with greater frequency and we are being called upon to 'do the work' or act immediately to create change in our workplaces. Managing relationships with intentionality is even more critical at this stage. Self-Awareness is an important component of acting to create change that is meaningful and intentional.

This workshop will allow participants to engage the Emotional Intelligence model through a diversity, equity, inclusion and justice lens. Participants will be invited to explore how their own identities impact how they engage this topic; connect to the definitions around this topic; and how they can support others in the workplace. Participants will be sent an optional self-assessment in advance to deepen workshop impact.