We’ve all been there. In a meeting. On a Zoom. Listening to colleagues, clients, peers, and having that realization, “OMG. There are hardly any women here! Where are the female voices in this discussion?  And, are others noticing this?”
We at TechBae wondered that too. So we thought we’d ask!
Join one of the true ad tech trailblazers, Joy Baer, as she poses real questions to three of our favorite male Baes in a no-holds-barred panel to dive into discussions around technology, culture, mentoring, and increasing diversity across our industry. She’ll host:
Chris Faw, SVP, Technology and Ad Operations, Spectrum Reach
Lorne Brown, CEO/Founder, Operative
Sean Coar, EVP, Data Strategy & Operations, Univision Communications Inc.
They are three long-time supporters of TechBae and diversity across the industry. They’ve got tons of expertise, experience, and anecdotes that we’ll tap into in this panel
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Ask A Bae: Real Perspectives on Women’s Advancement in Ad Tech
Tuesday, October 26th, 12-1 PM

Having broken multiple glass ceilings – and having been in many meetings with our three panelists – Joy definitely can get real answers. But we also want your questions too! Please submit them (and let us know if we can use your name or mark your question anonymous) directly to Tech Bae’s email at: adtechbae@gmail.com
Long overdue, we are so excited for our male Baes to step up to the microphone.
Brenda, Christina, Heather, Sarah, and Seema