February 27,  2017
Community Action Partnership's   
Branding Summit

April 26-27, 2017
Courtyard Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile
Chicago, IL 

Why don't more people know about Community Action?

   Community Action is the best kept secret! Why is that?

What can we do to increase the visibility of "Community Action"?  
Any of these sound familiar? They do to us . As Partnership staff travel across the country, Community Action staff, board members, volunteers, and customers consistently ask about Community Action visibility and name recognition. The Community Action Network serves more than 15 million people annually in 99 percent of America's counties, yet many do not know of our Network's breadth and depth.

How we brand and communicate is very different in today's social media enviro nment than it was even 10 years ago. Newspapers, radio, and TV remain, but their impact has been dimini shed. The cost that was associated with those mediums has also changed. Websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Live, Instagram and others have transformed the dynamic of communication, the speed at which distribution happens, and has shifted the cost paradigms-all of which benefits Community Action and the way our Network is set up. Even over the past two to three years, capacity for video and live broadcasting has shifted and we hold the capacity to do this in the phone in our hands.

To dive into all of this, and to create a path to elevate the visibility of the Community Action mission and values, the Partnership is hosting a Branding and Communications Summit on April 26-27, 2017, in Chicago, IL, at the Courtyard Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile.

This summit
will bring together Community Action leaders and those in our local agencies and state associations who focus their time and efforts on branding and communications, and we hope that you will join us.Note that this is less of a training than it is a chance for us to gather those in Community Action experienced in communications and leadership issues. It is for agencies that use the national branding as well as those that do not use the national branding.  We need expertise on how both to better engage the Communicant Action Promise and other branding elements to engage the community in our mission, our values, and our impact.
To register for the branding summit now, go to our online registration form here.  We are looking for experienced communication staff, Executive Directors/CEOs, and other CAA staff and board members who care about how we communicate the Promise of Community Action.

To help inform our work at the summit, esteemed author and expert on nonprofit branding, Nathalie Laidler-Kylander will be featured at this event as our Keynote Speaker. Nathalie Laidler-Kylander, with Julia Shepard Stenze, authored the book The Brand IDEA, and a Stanford Social Review article of the same name, which offers a branding framework that fits the Community Action Framework. We can build brand identity. We can leverage brand democracy. We can deploy brand affinity. We can maximize the brand of Community Action to increase awareness, connectivity, and share the impact we have every day across this country. We can move the needle if we use our most important asset, the Network itself. Will you help us?

  Please click here to complete the registration form which includes a short statement on your experience with branding and communications. The registration fee for the summit is $250 and will include one lunch, two breakfast s , and breaks as well as a copy of The Brand IDEA. Attendees are asked to attend the full event. A room block has been secured at Courtyard Chicago Downtown/Magnificent Mile for $175/night. Please click here to reserve your room.

More about current Community Action branding tools and resources can be found here.

Questions? Contact Merrill Miller, the Partnership's Program Associate for
Communications and Branding at mmiller@communityacitonpartnership.com.