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About the IFSPT


IFSPT is a world-wide Federation, recognised as a subgroup of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), representing national organizations of Sports Physiotherapy. The efforts of IFSPT are directed towards Member Organizations and their individual members in serving athletes of all ages and abilities through excellence in education, research, practice, and clinical specialisation. The intention of the IFSPT is to be the international resource for Sports Physical Therapists all over the world.









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The International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy is pleased to announce its participation, in conjunction with the Swiss Sports Physiotherapy Association (Sportfisio) and the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM), the first World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy!

November 20-21 
Expo Bern 
Bern, Switzerland
Bern Expo

The aim of the conference is to present the current evidence on Return to Play criteria and guidelines in different areas, where sports physical therapy plays a major role in helping athletes to come back at their highest level after injury or surgery.

A special presentation by Dr. Nicola Phillips, president of the IFSPT, will focus on the results of the current IFSPT project, the Return to Play Survey, which is still open for participation.

To take the survey, please follow this link.

Clare Ardern, AUS
Ben Clarsen, Norway
Ann Cools, Belgium
Mark De Carlo, USA
Maurizio Fanchini, ITA
Phil Glasgow, Northern Ireland, UK
Borsi Gojanovic, SUI
Karim Khan, Qatar
Mari Lundberg, SWE
Nicola Maffiuletti, SUI
Havard Moksnes, Norway
Nicola Phillips, Wales, UK, IFSPT President
Viktor Rothlin, SUI
Robin Sadler, UK
Tony Schneiders, AUS
Ian Shrier, CAN
Karin Silbernagel, SWE/USA
Holly Silvers, USA
Kristian Thorborg, DEN
Simon Trachsel, SUI
Tim Tyler, USA
Mike Voight, USA
Kevin Wilk, USA
Erik Witvrouw, Qatar

The IFSPT biennial general meeting will also be held in Bern in conjunction with the conference. The general meeting will be held on November 19 from 14:00 to 17:00. More details will follow fro delegates, but save the date.

The link below will connect you with registration, more information about the conference, accommodations and the city of Bern.

Join us now for the IFSPT General Meeting and the World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy!

Exhibitor space is now available as well! Follow this link for more information and to register!> 
IFSPT Research Project: Return to Play 

A few minutes of your time could mean a lifetime of play for your patients.

This survey has been created by the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy (IFSPT), in collaboration with Cardiff University. The aim of the study is to compile information on how practitioners make decisions about advising athletes on returning to sport and physical activity following injury (RTP). We particularly want to know whether RTP decisions differ across countries, sports, level of competition and level of practitioner expertise. This information will help us in the next stage, which aims to develop some clinical guidelines for Physical Therapists working in sport.


There are some general questions about where you work, your professional experience and how you would prioritise your decisions. In the final section there are 2 clinical examples, where you are once again asked to prioritise your decisions in those specific scenarios.


Data Protection

For the purposes of this survey Cardiff University is the data controller. All data collected in this survey will be held securely by the survey software provider (University of Bristol) under contract and then retained by the School of Healthcare Sciences, Cardiff University in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Data from the survey, including answers to questions where personal details are requested, will only be used by the principle authors for research purposes and will not be passed on to any other party. All responses will remain anonymous and no individual will be identified at any stage of dissemination.


Cookies, personal data stored by your web browser, are not used in this survey.


Please help us find out more about worldwide return to play decision-making.  


Complete the survey today!


Results of the survey will be presented in Bern, Switzerland at the First World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy.
Would Your Member Organization Like to Host An IFSPT Conference or the Next General Meeting?
Submissions are now being accepted!

The IFSPT Executive Board was gratified to receive so many comments from delegates relaying their interest to sponsor an IFSPT General Meeting and Symposium, or an IFSPT Symposium in their home country.

Because so many nations have expressed interest, the IFSPT board has developed a process for allowing member organizations to apply to sponsor these important events.

"The Executive Board developed a set of criteria for groups that wish to host a symposium," says Mario Bizzini, Board Member and Chair of the Scientific Congress Committee. "It was a simple step to do the same for General Meetings."

The Executive Board is accepting applications for symposia for 2016 and 2017, with allocations for one in the Northern Hemisphere, and one in the Southern Hemisphere. Member Organizations interested in hosting are encouraged to fill out the
application form and return to Mario Bizzini by August 1, 2015.

The next General Meeting will be held in 2017, according to IFSPT by-laws. Member Organizations interested in hosting are encouraged to fill out the application form  and return to Mario Bizzini by August 1, 2015.