May 2020
Dear Friends,

In light of current conditions surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to give you an update on my plans for this summer's Continuing the Not So Big Life Journey Workshop, scheduled for July 10-12, 2020.   
Going Virtual  
In March, when we first sent out word about the workshop, I was keeping open the possibility that we might still hold it in person. But with circumstances as they are, I have decided to hold the workshop virtually, using Zoom.  
I will be conducting the workshop in much the same way as when we meet in person, capping registration at 25, and requiring your attendance and promptness for participation. For those attendees who have never used Zoom before, we will provide some tutorial material prior to the workshop. 
Zooming into the Beyond 
We recently conducted a six-day retreat using Zoom, and the entire retreat took on a vibrant quality that was quite unexpected. Because we were all so present with one another, there was no sense of separation. For many, in fact, it felt more intimate and inclusive because everyone could be seen simultaneously.   
So, if you find yourself projecting that this experience will be "less" than if we were meeting in person, let go and let this new format teach you and expand your awareness in new ways. I encourage you to read my recent blog post about our virtual retreat to get a sense of the sometimes surprising benefits of using Zoom in this way.  

Register Now
Since this workshop will allow those at a greater distance to join us, the workshop is likely to fill up faster than usual, so register now to save your spot.
Read on for details. 
Continuing the Not So Big Life Journey Workshop
Beginning Friday, July 10, 2020 at 4:30pm and
Ending Sunday, July 12, 2020 at 12:00pm
Online via Zoom


Register here to save your spot.
About the Workshop
As a reminder, I offer the Continuing the Not So Big Life Journey workshops only to previous Not So Big Life Workshop participants, which allows us to start at a higher level. We are able to dig deeper, and to share some of what is coming up for each person as the process is engaged. 
The Focus of the Workshop
What has become clear, as we cope with an unknown like COVID-19, is that we simply do not know what will happen tomorrow. Planning for this workshop has been an exercise in learning how to be with this lack of clarity, while still proceeding with what has been envisioned.
The struggle with this now and in every other aspect of daily life presents the obvious topic for the July workshop: Uncertainty. Our individual experiences in dealing with current circumstances will without question provide a feast of teachings on this topic.
Just One Not So Big Thing
Wherever you are and whatever you are coping with right now, please remember to pause, to experience what you are experiencing without judging it as right or wrong, and to learn from every moment of what is happening. It is for moments like this one that we do this inner Work--so that we can be at peace in our hearts, even as the outer appearance of things seems decidedly turbulent. This too shall pass. All that's required is your presence.
Sarah Susanka I suspect that by July we will all be looking for some inspiration and insight into our present and recent experiencing, so sign up now to join me for the workshop this July. I am quite certain, amidst all this uncertainty, that we will have much to share and to inquire into as we learn more about ourselves.
With great love,
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