January 16th
What's In Today's Email?

1) February 9th: Have You Registered?

2) Vocalists: Want to rehearse with pianist?

3) Directions how to book

4) MLK Day is Mon - is your teacher teaching?

5) Rescheduling Lessons

6) 2019 Practice Challenge

7) Recital Prep Videos - ask your teacher to video you

8) Let's Party - Bring Food to the Recital
Sign up for Recital TODAY
Saturday, FEBRUARY 9th

9:00 am still has openings (professional accompanist for singers)

11:00 am is FULL and only available for waitlisting
(professional accompanist for singers)

1:00 pm was just added - you can switch or add depending if you have registered yet. (singers will use tracks)

$10 fee if you cancel your reservation less than a week before. Need help? Just hit reply to this email and we can schedule you for one of the recital times.
Vocalists: You Asked for More Time with the Pianist
Our pianist, Andrew, will be available for recital rehearsal on
Saturday, Feb 2nd from 9-11 am Reserve a 10 min rehearsal time
with him for $15 today!
Written Directions
to Book the Singer Pianist
We will stick straight to the clock. 
I would arrive ten minutes to get all the time you paid for. We have to keep to the times so everyone has the time they reserved.

  1. Go to GotGlee.com
  2. Choose Book Your First Lesson
  3. Choose Service Category: Rehearsal Recital
  4. Choose Recital Rehearsal - as a service - then press next
  5. Choose the date of the Rehearsal - this time Feb 2nd
  6. Choose the time you want to reserve and press Next
  7. Choose $15
  8. Then fill in payment information or login.
MLK Day this Monday
Some teaching/ some not
January 21st

Glee is closed on January 21st.

´╗┐Sabrina, Reagan, Karen and Jon are still teaching.

If you are one of their students and would like to reschedule your lesson, please let us know ASAP!

If your lesson is normally on Monday, and your teacher is not teaching, feel free to schedule a make-up online or email Kjarstin for help.
Rescheduling your lesson
Remember all reschedules need to be
done through the office NOT your TEACHER
24-48 hours in advance(or more) to qualify for a make-up.

Stop by the office (Mon-Thurs 1-6pm), reschedule online or email Kjarstin. Calling us is difficult if we are all teaching. Email is perfect.
2019 Practice Challenge
Our 2019 Practice Challenge has commenced! For the next 4 weeks, see how many minutes you can practice! At the end of the 4 weeks, the winners in each age group will get their pictures on all the screens at glee, will be recognized in the June recital, and will receive a Yogurtland giftcard. If your student is under 11 years old, a parent must sign off each day practiced. Your teacher should have given you a chart to track your progress this week. See the office at your next lesson if you haven't received it.
Make your Recital Movies
We need your videos by Friday, January 25th
If you want to be in the recital, we need your prep-video. Ask your teacher to film your student and send us the movie. Or you, the parent, can film them during your lesson on your phone. Then send to Kjarstin.
Most are too large to email. Please use wetransfer.com and use the full name of your student and the name of your teacher in the subject line.
  • Videos help you know your student is ready or not ready for the recital

  • Videos give the students a deadline to have their piece memorized and prepared.

  • No one will see the video except Kjarstin and Karen

Let's Eat
Click here to sign up for Recital Treats. There's homemade items and easy things to buy. We know you are busy.

´╗┐Choose what is good for you.