Virtual 1 Hour Webinars
Every Wednesday in September 2020
from 12 Noon to 1pm
The health and safety of our participants is very important to us. That is why, in the wake of COVID-19, we are hosting the annual Waynesboro Tree Workshop virtually! Every Wednesday in the month of September there will be an hour-long webinar on various topics. Check out the schedule below for additional information!
All webinars are FREE!

You will need to individually register to attend each webinar.
Wednesday - September 2, 2020

Leveraging Technology & Other Techniques
to Care for Mature Trees
Jake Van Yahres and Jeremy Thompson, Van Yahres Tree Company

In an economic downturn with unpredictable climate change, it is more important than ever to care for and preserve mature trees. Jake Van Yahres and Jeremy Thompson from Van Yahres Tree Company will explain how technology can be used to create plans to proactively and cost effectively care for mature trees as well as track their environmental benefits and risk assessments. They will also share pruning techniques and treatments to ensure the health of mature trees for years to come.
Wednesday - September 9, 2020

If Trees Could Talk: Urban Tree Ring Analysis
Dr. Eric North, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Arborists and consultants are frequently called to assess claims of damage to trees. Without management records or direct evidence of the damage it is difficult to determine what impact an action or event had on the growth of trees. Case studies and research will be presented using tree-ring analysis as evidence in legal disputes regarding alleged damage to trees and to determine the long-term effects on tree growth. Research on construction damage and tree assessment will also be presented along with the tree ring collection and limitations.
Wednesday - September 16, 2020

Seeing Trees & the Forest
Dr. Sonja Dümpelmann, University of Pennsylvania

Today, many cities around the globe are planting street trees to mitigate the effects of climate change. However, this practice is not a new phenomenon. As I will show in this lecture, cities like New York City and Berlin during the nineteenth century began to systematically plant trees to improve the urban climate. I will present the history of street tree planting within its larger social, cultural, and political contexts. Street trees–variously regarded as sanitizers, nuisances, upholders of virtue, economic engines, habitat, and more–reflect the changing relationship between humans and nonhuman nature in urban environments.
Wednesday - September 23, 2020

Green Industry in the Woods & Weeds: Expanding your Business with Woodland Health Services to New & Existing Clients
Adam Downing, Virginia Cooperative Extension
& Joe Lehnen, Virginia Department of Forestry

Do you have clients with some woods OR maybe clients with expansive yards that they might like to convert to wildlife habitat? The Woods in Your Backyard Partnership (Univ. of Maryland, Penn State, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, VDOF and VCE) has developed a handbook for green industry professionals to learn how to create, enhance and maintain natural areas. Included are project planning, the mechanics of the work, project options and tools to help sell the service. 
Wednesday - September 30, 2020

Urban Tree Canopy Cover:
Structure, Function, & Assessment
Dr. Eric Wiseman, Virginia Tech

Urban tree canopy cover is the aggregation of overhead vegetation in built environments that provides critical ecosystem services ranging from increased property values to better human health. To maximize these benefits, we must understand the spatial and temporal patterns of tree canopy cover. Technology advancements are rapidly improving our ability to assess tree canopy cover and make better decisions about urban forest conservation and management. In this presentation, you will learn about the structure and function of urban tree canopy cover and publicly-available tools to easily assess canopy cover in your community.

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