Summer Camps Are Coming!
Parents, enroll your kids now in Challenger Learning Center's engaging and educational summer programs! Choose from a variety of engineering and space themed camps that will challenge your kids to learn and explore while having a lot of fun -- all in the safe, kid-friendly environment that you would expect from a Challenger Learning Center.  Camps sessions have begun selling out, so register soon!

CLICK HERE  for the 2017 summer schedule and registration!
Entering Grades 1 - 2

Martian Explorers (New for 2017)
Young future astronauts will discover Mars, the mysterious Red Planet.  Learn about the spacecraft that will travel to Mars and what it will take to live and work on the surface.  Campers will also learn how to program BeeBots® as a Martian rover.
Entering Grades 3 - 4

We Do Robotics! (New for 2017)
Using the new LEGO ® WeDo 2.0 kits, kids will study the basics behind robotics using LEGOs.  Campers will build and program their robots to take part in challenges and other exciting projects! Campers will be working with a partner.
Entering Grades 4 - 6

Rocket Science (New for 2017)
Explore the science behind rockets by building and launching multiple Estes rockets! Learn about rocket parts, structure of a rocket such as launch angles, altitude, stability, and more!

Operation: Space (New for 2017)
Future scientists will explore our Milky Way and solar system as they delve into astronomy.  They will learn what it takes to live and work in space, and use their knowledge on a Challenger simulated space mission!
Entering Grades 5 - 7

Mindstorm Robotics:
Campers will use LEGO® Mindstorms to create and design various robots. Girls and boys will program the robots to complete challenges such as cleaning up trash, navigating a maze, and even sumo-wrestling! Students will be working with a partner.
Entering Grades 6 - 8

Destination Mars (New for 2017)
Destination...Mars! Discover what it will take to plan and launch future missions to the red planet. Design, build and program future Mars rovers using LEGO® Mindstorms robotic kits.  Participate in a Challenger simulated space mission to Mars.

Code Like a Champ
Want to crate your own app?  Learn the basics of computer programming and digital art by looking a  wide variety of apps and websites on both computer and mobile devices.  Campers will use  Lightbot Hopscotch iLogo Scratch  and  Codea .
Entering Grades 8 - 12

Design and construct your own SeaPerch robot! Operate drills, soldering irons, and other tools while learning about circuits and switching to build an underwater rover.  The camp culminates in an underwater activity what will challenge these future scientists and engineers to problem solve and navigate obstacles.