Register Today for June 6th Reporting Guidance Webinar for Saskatchewan Businesses

Multi-Material Stewardship Western (MMSW) is holding a webinar for stewards on Friday June 6th, 11:00am - 12:30pm (SK time) and 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm (ET) to help stewards prepare their material reports.


Material reports are due to MMSW no later than June 30th.  For businesses preparing to report their material data, this webinar will assist you with:

  • What data is required for your report
  • How to source your material data
  • Different methods for reporting material data
  • How to use the WeRecycle Portal
  • Opportunity to ask questions

Who is MMSW?


In February 2013, the Saskatchewan government introduced the  Saskatchewan Recycling Regulation that shifts 75% of the net costs associated with the collection and recycling of waste packaging and paper from municipalities and taxpayers to the businesses that sell or distribute packaged goods and paper to Saskatchewan residents.  


Program Implementation is January 1, 2015.


MMSW is the not-for-profit organization authorized by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment to fund up to 75% of a packaging and paper recycling program on behalf of Saskatchewan businesses.


If your business is obligated under the Regulation, we invite you to register with MMSW, and as a member, report the quantity of materials you supplied to Saskatchewan residents in 2013.  


What data do I have to report?


Businesses must report the quantity of packaging and paper supplied to Saskatchewan residents in 2013.  Please click here for a list of the materials that are obligated by the Regulation. This program specifically covers packaging and paper products supplied to Saskatchewan householders that will be managed through the residential recycling system.


Why do I have to report by June 30th if the program starts in January 2015?


MMSW requires this data from all businesses by June 30th in order to have sufficient time to establish a fee schedule that shares the costs of the program fairly amongst all participating businesses. The fee schedule will be available in the fall and MMSW members will be invoiced beginning in January 2015.


There are resources already available to stewards to help in the preparation of steward reports.  This includes the National Guidebook - Part 2 which has instructions on how to prepare a report. Please also see the Portal User Guide which will help stewards navigate the  WeRecycle Portal where stewards will submit their report. The Steward Services team is also ready to help you should you have additional questions after the webinar.


What's Next?


As a business resident in Saskatchewan, or as a voluntary steward, wanting to participate in MMSW's approved packaging and printed paper program, it is necessary to register with MMSW and sign a  Membership Agreement with MMSW. If you have not done so already, please click here to download a copy of the agreement, sign it and upload it on the WeRecycle Portal.

  • Voluntary stewards (i.e. non-resident businesses) must sign a Membership Agreement by June 1st.  Any voluntary stewards who do not make the June 1st deadline will not be eligible to report this year. 
  • Businesses resident in Saskatchewan must sign a Membership Agreement by June 30th. 
  • Material reports are due from all stewards by June 30th.
  • The Membership Agreement is available on the MMSW website or by clicking here

Program implementation is January 1, 2015.



How does this Apply to my Business?



If your business has a permanent establishment in Saskatchewan and you are a brand owner, franchisor or first importer of packaged goods and/or paper sold to Saskatchewan householders then you are likely an obligated business under the Saskatchewan Recycling Regulation.


If your business is located outside of Saskatchewan but supplies packaged goods and/or paper to Saskatchewan residents, you can take responsibility for your packaging and/or paper by electing to be a voluntary steward. 




Businesses Affected by the Recycling Regulation

  • Food manufacturers
  • Retailers of consumer packaged goods (e.g., food, cosmetics, electronics, toys etc.)
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Quick Service Restaurants
  • Newspaper Publishers
  • Magazine Publishers
  • Paper Manufacturers
  • And more...


Please contact Multi-Material Stewardship Western with any questions to concerns at: or 1-888-980-9549