Leadership Training Toolkit for Frontline
Managers & Supervisors
APRIL 26, 2019
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama
Tuscaloosa | Alabama
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Coaching is proven to help managers & supervisors achieve breakthrough growth and true behavior change. Start with shifting your frontline managers & supervisors’ mindset from that of a “fire fighter” and “problem solver” to a coaching leader capable of instilling confidence, a sense of ownership, and fully realized potential in their people.
A toolkit for change
Integrity Coaching® can be a unique toolkit for frontline managers & supervisors who have an interest in increasing the productivity and success of their teams. Participants learn a five-step coaching process, and virtually meet weekly for eight weeks to sharpen their coaching skills, report on their progress and learn from the coaching experiences of their peers.
The objective of the Integrity Coaching® behavior change process is to help frontline managers & supervisors:

  • Increase their competence, confidence and commitment to coaching
  • Gain awareness of their leadership style through self-assessment
  • Implement a goal achievement system with their people
  • Learn how to strike a balance between goal directedness and sensitivity to people
  • Understand the different Behavior Styles® of people in order to increase coaching effectiveness
  • Increase their ability to diagnose areas of needed improvement, ask effective questions to help guide discussions, and coach specific actions for improving performance
  • Build the self-confidence of their team to achieve more than they believe they are capable of achieving
How can this program benefit your organization?
What makes this program so effective?
  • A simple, 5-step coaching process
  • Highly interactive course dynamics
  • A toolkit that ignites individual passion with specific focus on values, motivations, and forward movement
  • Works across cultural lines
  • 8-week sustainment and accountability reinforces learning
  • Blended learning content including online resources
Program timeline
(Includes 1-day workshop and 8 weekly
1.5 hour live hosted virtual learning sessions)
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Anke Jahn
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