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Honoring the Tree -
Increasing Urban Wood Utilization from Tiny Towns to Mega Municipalities

Tuesday, August 3 & Wednesday, August 4
9:30 to 1:00 pm (ET)
Join us virtually to hear how urban wood is being utilized across the South.
Topics include how COVID affected wood waste volumes, success stories of public/private partnerships, urban wood certification and more!
Tuesday, August 3

9:30 Welcome to the Southern Urban Wood Forum
9:35 The Urban Wood Network: Trees First, Wood Next
Local urban wood programs have great potential – not only to reduce the amount of woody material going to waste, but also to generate income for planting and maintenance through time and cost savings. Programs can stimulate local economies with jobs, goods and services, but they are complex, and working collaboratively is essential. The Urban Wood Network (UWN) brings industry stakeholders together to inform, collaborate, and connect to build community and business and consumer confidence in urban wood.  
9:55 Urban Wood Owner/Operator Stories from Georgia
Business owners and operators speak about their experiences working in Georgia’s expanding urban wood market.  
10:50 Urban Wood Certification Update
This presentation will address recent developments and announcements related to urban forest certification and how they might impact urban forest management, urban foresters, and urban wood utilization efforts.
11:35 Urban Wood: A Tale of Perceptions, Problems & Profit
Chris Tietz owns and operates Kirtz Shutters in Stillwater Oklahoma. He will discuss obstacles that they’ve encountered when utilizing urban wood and how they have overcome them to turn a profit.
12:25 Urban Wood as the Featured Performer
Scott Paul, Director of Natural Resources Sustainability for Taylor Guitars of El Cajon, CA, will highlight the use of urban woods by his company and the next steps for using it on a much larger stage.
1:00 End of Day 1

Wednesday, August 4

9:30 Welcome back!
9:40 Urban Wood Reuse in Charlotte: Small Steps to Realizing a Big Vision
Carolina Urban Lumber has a big vision for the future of urban wood reuse in Charlotte, NC. This presentation will dive into the history of Carolina Urban Lumber as well as its plans for the future. In addition, we will highlight the work in progress with the City of Charlotte to utilize a closed landfill site, incorporate urban wood into the urban arboretum trail as well as the plan to utilize the wood in city buildings. 
10:45 How Did COVID Affect Wood Waste Volumes in Virginia?
Save A Tree tracked wood waste volumes from municipal and private tree care or wood waste operations in small, medium, and large Virginia communities. The initial intent was to examine a year of data to compare volumes and seasonal patterns between public and private operations of various scales. When COVID hit, the project was extended in order to be able to compare a “standard” year to a “pandemic” year as we hypothesized that the pandemic year would be an anomaly. Findings, barriers, and recommendations will be discussed.
11:30 State Program Sharing - Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, & Virginia
1:00 End of Forum
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