Register Your Mobilehome California Program waived more than $3.2 million in fees and taxes for mobilehome owners

The California Department of Housing and Community Development's (HCD) Register Your Mobilehome California program waived $3,235,544 in fees and taxes for mobilehome/manufactured home owners.
The Register Your Mobilehome California program was originally enacted by way of Assembly Bill 587 (Chau, 2016) and further extended under Assembly Bill 173 (Chau, 2019).

The program, which ended December 31, 2020, helped bridge the gap for individuals who have purchased a home but were unable to transfer title with HCD due to delinquent fees or taxes.

Before the program, occupants who purchased a mobilehome/manufactured home but never properly registered it with HCD, were not legally permitted to sell or transfer their MH, receive fire or flood insurance, receive certain financial assistance, or apply for rebates from utility providers.
Over the course of the program, HCD received 4,132 initial applications. Although not all the initial applicants qualified, a total of 3,622 applicants received waiver of HCD fees and taxes (In-lieu of tax) or received a waiver of their local property tax.

For more information, please view the Information Bulletin 2021-08.
Questions? Please contact the Registration and Titling Program at or 800-952-8356.
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