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Join Us for the 2019 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge!

The Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and Community Insurance Corporation will hold their 8th Annual Advanced Law Enforcement Risk Training (A.L.E.R.T.) Law Enforcement Challenge on October 2, 2019 in Portage County.

The event will be held at the Portage County Sheriff's Department Rifle Range, 3001 Willow Spring Dr., Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
  • Mandatory course instruction for ALL COMPETITORS will run 9:00AM to 9:30AM. If competitor fails to attend the mandatory course instruction, the participant WILL NOT compete.
  • Competition will begin 9:30AM rain or shine.
  • Competitor will run 200 yards with their rifle of choice and then shoot his/her service pistol 3 times while standing at 25 yards, then advance to the next target at 10 yards while reloading.
  • Competitor will then fire 3 times while standing and again advance the next target at 5 yards while reloading.
  • Competitor will then fire 3 times while standing at the target with his/her non-dominant/weak hand unsupported. Once competitor has attained a lock back with his/her service pistol, competitor will holster service pistol.
  • Competitor's rifle will be on his/her person while shooting his/her service pistol either with a sling or by holding same. At no time will competitor be allowed to place rifle on the ground while shooting the service pistol.
  • Should competitor fail to fire the last 3 rounds at 5 yards with competitor's weak hand, those points WILL NOT be scored and you will not be allowed to rerun the course.
  • Competitor will then run an additional 50 yards with his/her rifle.
  • The last 25 yards competitor will drag a 150-pound dummy to cover. Cover will be a 4-foot wall.
  • Competitor will then fire his/her rifle 3 times from a shooting position of their choice from either side of the wall using the wall for cover. Competitor MAY NOT use the top of the wall to fire rifle.
  • Target will be down range at 70 yards.
  • Competitor will then advance the target while reloading to a distance of 15 yards and again fire their rifle 3 times.
  • Competitor may use a bipod, shooting stick or any other rest to shoot. However competitor must run with these items during competition. Competitor while running will have his/her rifle with a magazine loaded with three rounds of ammunition in the magazine well, chamber empty, safety on.                                                       
  • 100 points to complete course in 60 seconds or less. For every second over 60, a point will be deducted.
  • 150 points total for shooting. Maximum point per shot 10.Total shots fired 15.
Total overall points: 250

  • All competitor's will wear a bullet proof vest when competing.
  • Attire will be competitor's discretion. Uniform not required.
  • No footwear with cleats will be allowed.
  • Handgun must be holstered. Duty belt not required.
  • Competitor will have 3 magazines or 2 speed loaders with 3 rounds of ammunition in each. Handgun must be primary duty weapon, optics optional.
  • Caliber of handgun must be suitable for law enforcement.
  • Rifle must be 22 caliber center fire or larger. Suppressor, bipods, shooting sticks and slings as well as any other rest are allowed. Please make note that the competitor must run with any rest he/she intends to use as well as shoot his/her handgun during competition without placing same on the ground. Competitor's rifle will be in his/her possession during competition.
  • Competitor will also have 2 magazines with 3 rounds of ammunition in each magazine. 
  • While shooting eye and ear protection is required.
  • Targets are from Qualification Target, Hammond,WI and may be viewed online.
  • Target is a BT5-OPD. The 10 point portion of the target will remain 10 points. The 9 point portion will be 10 points. The 8 point portion of the target has been reduced to 5 points.  All other remaining portions will be 2 points.
  • Competitor WILL NOT compete in the order that they register. Competitor's name will be placed in a hat and drawn to determine the order in which he/she will compete.
  • Competitor must be a client of Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation or Community Insurance Corporation. 
  • Only ONE competitor per department. However there is no limit to attendee's from a department.     
  • Lunch will be provided to all attendees.                                             
Winners and their departments will receive the following awards:

Top Three Departments

First place: $10,000 

Second place: $8,000 

Third Place: $6,000  


Top Three Competitors (Note: a check with a plaque will be awarded to winners, along with a 1099 for tax purposes.)
  • First place: $1,200 
  • Second place: $1,000 
  • Third Place: $800
To see competitors from 2018, as well as other pictures from the day, click here.
To register for the 2019 A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement Challenge, contact  Bruce Scott of Aegis Corporation at 414.491.1656.  

The A.L.E.R.T. Law Enforcement challenge is FREE to member law enforcement departments of the County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation. In addition, sheriffs, chief deputies, firearms training officers, and law enforcement committee members, as well as chiefs, assistant chiefs, training officers and public safety committee/commission members are encouraged to attend. 

The event is brought to you by 
Wisconsin County Mutual Insurance Corporation and  Community Insurance Corporation

Portage County Sheriff's Department Rifle Range
3001 Willow Spring Dr., Stevens Point, Wisconsin.