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Strategic Partnerships & System Alignment

July 2022 Edition

In this issue of the CoE Newsletter learn about: 

  • Launch of the new Center of Excellence website
  • Upcoming August California RA Regional Sessions - Open for Registration!
  • Adult Basic Education Provider Apprenticeship Knowledge Survey
  • Upcoming Webinars and Important Dates

New RA Technical Assistance Website

The RA TA Center of Excellence on Strategic Partnerships & Systems Alignment recently launched a new website offering news, tools, events, and resources to help employers, workforce system stakeholders, and educators build strategic partnerships and better align RA across systems. The easy-to-navigate site provides: 

  • downloadable tools and links to RA materials
  • ability to request TA 
  • sign-up to become a nationally-recognized Center partner
  • apprenticeship news relevant to workforce and education system alignment 
  • information on upcoming events
  • and more!

Workforce staff can access resources to better integrate RA into their state or local workforce board service planning and meet critical WIOA performance metrics. Industry employers can learn how to adopt RA to meet workforce needs and access expert RA subject matter expertise from Center staff. Educators can learn how to engage in RA - as a sponsor, training provider, and/or intermediary - and build partnerships with local employers expand student pipelines into RA pathways. Visit the website today!

Center Launches Work in California

Regional Workshops Open for Registration: August 2, 4, 9

The California Workforce Association (CWA)Safal Partners and RA leaders from across the state, kicked off the Center’s focused work in California a a recent CWA WorkCon preconference session to a standing-room only audience. Over two days nearly 200 individuals from workforce, industry, education and government joined our workshop and panel sessions to learn about the Center's work to increase system alignment, discuss challenges and opportunities in scaling RA, and offer policy recommendations to better integrate RA with workforce and education.

August Regional Sessions

As a next step, the Center, CWA and the Center leadership team is hosting a series of three “Strategic Doing” across the state to engage organizations like yours. 

These free sessions will be held:

  • August 2 - Sacramento
  • August 4 - Clovis
  • August 9 - Long Beach

Meeting attendees will benefit by

  • developing strategic partnerships across industry, workforce, education, and local government to advance apprenticeship; and
  • jointly developing implementable plans with practical "next steps" to expand RA adoption and improve system alignment at the state and local level.

Questions? Email Judy Blanchard at 

Please invite your partners (i.e. K-12 and adult educators, CTE Centers and high schools, community colleges, workforce boards, industry, community organizations, etc.) to attend. Make this a networking opportunity and work group time for your organization to build upon your local apprenticeship efforts so far.

To Register

Visit the CWA site and register for one or more of the scheduled free sessions: 

  • August 2 - Sacramento (8-12pm)
  • August 4 - Clovis (8–12pm)
  • August 9 - Long Beach (8-12pm)

Note: You can sign up as a team by selecting your local workforce development board for your team.

If you are attending a session outside of your region, please pick whatever workforce board you would like to team up with on this day.

Adult Basic Education

Registered Apprenticeship Knowledge Survey

The Coalition of Adult Basic Education (COABE), a national partner for the Center of Excellence, is conducting a national assessment of Adult Education providers' knowledge of RA. Findings from this assessment will guide the Center's work in developing TA tools and resources to better align Adult Education Programs with RA. 

Adult education providers have until July 29 to complete the short 5-minute assessment You can also join a more in-depth conversation and become a partner with the Center of Excellence. Learn more on our website! All those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win a $200 Amazon gift card. Survey reports will be shared this fall. 

Upcoming Webinars and 

Important Dates

8/18 - Florida Associate of Career and Technical Education (FACTE) Conference (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)

Center staff will present an "Apprenticeship Bootcamp" during a preconference session for the state's annual meeting of CTE educators. Learn more on the FACTE website.

8/20 - "30 Minutes of Excellence": Are You Ready for Registered Apprenticeship? 

(1:00 - 1:30pm CDT)

When systems are aligned, RA runs more smoothly. Join us to get a glimpse of what it means to have align systems around RA and learn about a tool the Center is developing to help your organization begin assessing if your community is ready for RA. Register to attend this free webinar. 

8/28 - Webinar: Bridging the Gap Between Adult Education and Apprenticeship (1:00 - 2:00pm CDT)

Heather Martin and Tara Schwab from the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center will share how adult education programs in Illinois are preparing their students for RA programs. They will discuss how contextualized content is being worked into existing adult education structures. Register to attend this free webinar. 

8/29 - Adult Education RA Knowledge Assessment Deadline

See article above & take the survey

Aug 2 - COE/CWA RA Strategic Doing Session

(Sacramento, CA)

See article above & register to attend

Aug 4- COE/CWA RA Strategic Doing Session (Clovis, CA)

See article above & register to attend

Aug 10- COE/CWA RA Strategic Doing Session (Long Beach, CA)

See article above & register to attend

Aug 17 - Webinar:  Service Alignment in Apprenticeship Initiatives - Investment in Leadership 

(1:00 - 2:00pm CDT)

Part one of a three part series on "System Alignment with Apprenticeship." This session will focus on WIOA guidance for service alignment, and how states currently approach alignment as it relates to apprenticeship in their Unified and Combined State Plans. State examples will be shared, along with the recognition of the importance for leadership across important system "drivers" and stakeholders. Register to attend this free webinar. 

Aug 24 - "30 Minutes of Excellence": What is RTI and How Do I Build Effective RTI Partnerships? 

(1:00 - 2:00pm CDT)

Confused by what the RTI requirements are and how to use local education providers for them? This session will explore RTI and how to build partnerships for effective RTI. Register to attend this free online session. 

Aug 25 - American Welding Society (AWS) Annual Summit

(The Woodlands, TX)

Center staff will present to the nation's largest association of welders on how apprenticeship can help employers mitigate the talent shortage, how to connect with Career and Technical Education (CTE) Centers to develop youth apprenticeship programs, and AWS' work on developing credential-aligned National Guideline Standards for member adoption. Learn more and register to attend. 

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