and we're doing a POKER RUN
The MVTMA is switching things up for this year's Bay State Bike Week . We are coordinating with MassCommute for the 24th Annual MassCommute Bicycle Challenge (MCBC) and we're doing a poker run! Here's how it works:
  1. Register for the event and log one roundtrip (or 2 one-way trips) by bike during Bike Week and earn 4 playing cards (2 for registering and one for each trip by bike). *For each additional trip you make, you earn an additional card - biking to work, for training, for recreation, errands and leisure all count so don't forget to ride & log all week!
  2. Attend our luncheon May 24 and receive your playing cards. The more rides you take during Bike Week, the better your chance for a winning hand! Whomever reveals the best poker hand, will receive a $150 gift card to the place of their choice.
Registration will open soon so keep an eye on your inbox and our website for more details. The first 50 people to register will receive a "legendary" MCBC t-shirt. If you have any questions, contract Gretchen at
Congratulations to several of our members for winning an ECO Award for their efforts in promoting greener commutes!

These members will be honored at a breakfast event on April 18 at Fenway Park. Each member company that earned an ECO designation will receive one free ticket for the breakfast, If you have additional staff who would like to attend this fun-filled morning, please contact TMA director Andrea Leary.

Emmaus Inc.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Putnam Investments
Schneider Electric
According to  a study released last month , Boston drivers spent the highest percentage of their time stuck in traffic compared to any other city in the country. Researchers found that drivers in Boston spent 14 percent of their drive time in congestion in 2017. The city was also tied with San Francisco for highest rate of time in congestion during rush hour at 23 percent.

If that's not enough to get you to carpool, here are some other facts about the benefits of carpooling:*

  • The average carpooler can save as much as $600 each month on the cost of their commuting drive.
  • If 100 people were to take advantage of the carpool option every day, more than of 1,320 pounds of carbon monoxide and 2,376,000 pounds of carbon dioxide could be removed from the air.
  • About 18% of a person’s monthly budget it taken up in car maintenance, repairs, and gas.
  • If you add at least one carpooler whom you split costs with, it may add 5-10 minutes onto your drive time but will reduce your bills and expenses by half; adding more people means even more savings.
  • If everyone opted to carpool just one day a week, the traffic on the nation’s major highways and roads would be reduced by as much as 20%.

Inspired to start a carpool? We can help. Go to to learn more.

*Source: South Florida Commuter Services