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Certification Courses
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CTAA is starting strong this spring with registration open for two upcoming virtual courses! New and experienced supervisors alike can benefit from our Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS) course on March 23-24, taught by master trainer Michael Noel. Later, at the close of the month, Halsey King is teaching Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection (VMMI) on March 30-31. You can find the details on both courses as well as their registration links below.
Virtual Certified Community Transit Supervisor (CCTS)
A Training and Certification Program for Front-Line Transit Managers and Supervisors

March 23 - March 24
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)

The front-line supervisor has a pivotal role in every transit organization! He or she is accountable for most of the day-to-day success of its operations. Many supervisors are promoted from within the ranks of the operating staff, while others come from a variety of backgrounds, and must then learn how to effectively supervise. In their supervisory capacity, these individuals must understand the overall mission of the transit organization, and in turn be able to convey its practices, principles, and priorities to the operating staff.

Requirements: Prior to attending the two-day virtual course, each trainee must have completed the "Front Line Supervisor "online course - no later than March 18, 2022. A complimentary link to take this course will be forwarded to the email address provided. For more information, please visit
Virtual Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection (VMMI)
A Training and Certification Program for Managers and Technicians

March 30 - March 31
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (EST)

For over 25 years, the Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection (VMMI) has trained thousands of mechanics at rural, small urban and specialized mobility providers, connecting them with the right resources to keep their buses in service. This program is designed for managers and technicians who operate/maintain rural and complimentary vans, cutaway paratransit and buses (i.e., less than 30-foot length) to improve the maintenance oversight of fleets of smaller transit vehicles while adding a layer of testing, certification and performance quality.

Master Trainer, Halsey King, SAE provides unique insight into fleet tire, fuel and parts purchasing, as well as fleet management, labor allocation and warranty recovery.

Training Overview

  • Preparation for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Transit Asset Management and State of Good Repair requirements
  • Highly focused on technology and on federal and state regulations, bus manufacturing, inspection and preventive maintenance program development
  • Attendees will understand the scope of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations, beyond ensuring that the lift is operational.
  • Learn about upcoming vehicle components, systems and features straight from manufacturers' design studios. These include, full-time live rearview camera, birthdate on bus tires, a new list of hazard materials in the shop, and the new Tier 1 gasoline and diesel fuel.
  • VMMI covers topics of interest for fleets starting to receive and operate electric vehicles; focusing on safety requirements for qualified personnel performing inspections and routine maintenance.

For more information, please visit:
Training & Certification Program Director
800.891.0590 x714