Election season is here! 

We need to take this opportunity to make sure our elected representatives are aware of the issues important to us. But how do we do that?

You can start by attending SNL’s Election Season Call to Action! on Tuesday, September 15 at 7:00 p.m. on Zoom.

We will focus on three areas:

1)   Provide information as you form your conscience – with resources to help you explore how the candidates feel on many issues of the day—immigration policy, racism in our country, policy to combat climate change, etc.

2)    Review the drivers license initiative that still languishes in Michigan Congress—the DRIVE SAFE bills. How can you help get them a hearing?

3)    Prepare you and your Parish Circle to hold a zoom conference call with your state elected Representative or Senator, discovering his/her attitude toward Immigrants ... but also to develop a relationship with elected officials for yourself, your Circle, your parish. Can s/he be an ally on other issues? Does s/he know and respect your congregation? 

This is an opportunity to move out of the pews and into the Public Arena on values and the Common Good. 
Please join us!

If you have any trouble registering, please email us at strangersnolonger11@gmail.com. Please include your parish/congregation.

Check out our new website! strangersnolonger.org