2023 Team Registration

As the New Year kicks off, don't forget to check out and register for ITRC's 2023 Project Teams! Click the links below to register or learn more about ITRC's Current Teams!

Tire Chemicals of Emerging Concern: 6PPD-q NEW!

Reuse of Solid Mining Waste NEW!

Passive Sampling Technology Update NEW!

Microplastics Outreach Toolkit NEW!

Managed Aquifer Recharge

Ethylene Oxide Emissions

Sediment Cap Update

Contaminants of Emerging Concern

PFAS Update

Pump & Treat Optimization



  • ITRC membership is on an annual basis, so all ITRC team members are required to re-register for continuing teams in order to maintain membership for 2023.
  • Interested Party and Active Member registrations have returned as a part of the 2023 registration process. You will be asked to self-identify in your registration.
  • All Industry Members need to be registered for ITRC's 2023 Industry Affiliates Program prior to registering for an existing or new team. For additional information or to request an invoice, please contact Project Associate Devin Seckar at dseckar@ecos.org.
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