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September 24, 2020
Pastor Trudy's Message
Jacob, the patriarch, has a favorite child. It happens to be the second to youngest of his sons, but the first child of his favorite wife. Joseph's brothers hate him. And their anger is stoked by his dreams that one day he will rule over them. With one exception. The oldest son, Reuben. The one who, it could be argued, is the most affected by his father's favoritism because it is his role that is displaced. Rather than being consumed by jealousy, Reuben wants to protect Joseph and restore him to their father. What would the world look like if we behaved, at least some of the time, like Reuben, seeking to protect our 'siblings' and restore them to our heavenly Father?  

God, the anger bubbles up in us when we look at the world, we want to blame others, even to bring them harm—and we don't even know why. Help us to see how you love us, and through us, love others. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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The Barbara D. Anderson Scholarship For 40 years, from 1975 until 2015, Geneva Lutheran gave scholarships to students from Geneva Lutheran or Geneva High School who attended Lutheran colleges and universities. Barbara D. Anderson was the late wife of John Anderson. Here is what the original documents said about Barbara D.: '[she] was a dedicated church worker, a friend to all she met, and an inspiration to all who knew her. Her untimely death after a lingering illness was a personal loss to each and every member of the church.' Over those 40 years, 123 scholarships were awarded totaling over $75,000. All this with a seed of $500. Thank you to the many people who worked to award scholarships over these years!  
Barbara D. Anderson
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This fall LOMC is continuing with events for families and small groups along with additional opportunities such as: Workspace Retreat, Create Retreats, and their October Outings. Visit their website to learn more about these fall opportunities!
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  • Bob Viscomi, friend of the Kanzler family
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Wednesday, September 30 @ 9 am

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Wednesday, September 30 @ 7:00 pm
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Thursday, October 1 @ 9:30 am
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Sunday, October 11
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GLC Life in Pictures
It's Baptism season at GLC!
Last Saturday, Benjamin, son of Tyler and Laura Lausch, joined us through the waters of baptism.
Aren't these so pretty? Thank you to the Card Crafters for creating this beautiful batch of cards and delivering them to church office.
From the Archives
Church picnic photo features Barbara Anderson (in the sunglasses and blue top) next to her husband, John.
Send your pictures of how you are living your #generouslifeinChrist to Margo. Thank you!