October Newsletter

  As we enter the next Mercury Retrograde period (September 30 to October 28), this is an ideal time to support new directions and explorations! 
It is actually a good time to finish older, undone tasks, or for personal writing and inner work.

Come join me for my upcoming class this month; 
refresh your chi energy and enjoy this period of contemplation and planting seeds for the future.

As I remember taking the late Grandmaster Lin Yun's workshops, the information may be the same but my interpretation changed and deepened over the years from his teachings. One of the virtues of improving our karma is the Chinese way of continuing our learning by repeating classes and enhancing our inner growth.

Begin each day with Qigong/Meditation
9:30am - 6:00pm

(Early Bird Special is $500 per weekend class 
or $550 at the door)

Take All 6 Weekends and receive: 
A Certificate of Feng Shui Studies (value: Priceless)
A Consultation for Your Space (value: $1,000.00)

A copy of Feng Shui Revealed (value: $32.50)
Chinese Banquet Dinner (value: $75)
Mentoring Sessions with RD

Payment for 6 Weekend Program 
Early Bird Special is $3,000 
RD Teaching
Topics for each Weekend:

OCTOBER 25+26, 2014
Fundamental Principles of Feng Shui
Evaluating Chi Energies 
How to do a Feng Shui Consultation - Step by Step
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by Oct 22, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

NOVEMBER 22+23, 2014 
Color Theories 
The Five Transformations of Energy
Group Consultation
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by Nov. 19, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

FEBRUARY 21+22, 2015 
Four Pillars Simplified
Predictions for the Chinese New Year of the Green Wood Sheep
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by Feb. 18, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

MARCH 14+15, 2015
Journey with the I-Ching 
Nine Star Ki
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by March 11, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

APRIL 18+19, 2015 
Advanced Floor Plan Studies
for both Residential and Commercial Spaces
Group Consultation
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by April 15, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

MAY 30+31, 2015
Group Consultation 
Space Clearing and Blessing Ceremonies 
A New Paradigm of Doing Business
(Early Bird Special - pay $500 by May 27, 2014 
or $550 at the door)

Please note:
It would be wonderful to
the Red Envelope tradition for each weekend class
by placing a token monetary gift in nine(9) red envelopes.

Feng Shui is considered to be very sacred and powerful....the number nine and the Red color are symbolically powerful elements of high energy and "good luck".

By placing the payment into the Red Envelopes, we are acknowledging the power & integrity of the feng shui teachings.


Kauai Lotus  


Please feel free to call RD with any questions about this wonderful chi-filled program.


email: rdchin@mac.com
NEW EVENT OPEN TO ALL!!!   Join the members of Interior Design 2.0 with a brief presentation by master RD Chin on "Feng Shui for Interior Design"


DATE: Tuesday, October 7, 2014
TIME:  6:30pm to 8:30pm

Henricksen, 21 West 38th Street, 16th Floor, NYC

Suggested donation of $18 cash in a Red Envelope.
Feng Shui Revealed will also be on sale.




It is my pleasure to announce that Joey Yap is returning to teach in New York on October 11, 12 + 13, 2014.

I highly recommend that you take his classes to further your feng shui studies! I will be attending his very special teachings.

Please see the link below for more information and registration.



NOVEMBER 5, 2014

INVITATION to a Feng Shui Group Consultation
You are cordially invited to a special Feng Shui group consultation for a 3 Bedroom apartment
or known as a "Classic Seven" located at
106 East 85th Street
(between Park and Lexington Avenues)
Upper East Side, New York

Date: Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm

Fee: $50
Please note: You can Pay Now by Nov. 3, 2014
and place a token monetary gift in the Red envelopes
Pay $63 in Nine(9) Red envelopes
upon arrival at the consultation.

We will meet in the lobby of the building at 10:00am so that we can go together to the client's home/office.

Please RSVP as there will be limited space.
email: rdchin@mac.com

on "Feng Shui and $Money$" 

By registering for this recorded webinar,  

you will receive the following:

  • RD will demonstrate many design projects which will inspire you with creative, yet practical ideas for you to create prosperity for your home and office!
Cost is $36
Please click below to register:
for your HOME or OFFICE?
 RD Chin is available for Private Consultations,
Group Consultations, Blessing Ceremonies and Presentations for Your Organization
FSR book
A personally autographed book
is included in each consultation!
Please call or email RD for an appointment:
cell: (917)669-8099