September 2018

Message from our Board Chair 

This is a busy season for most families with school starting back up and everyone adjusting to new activities and schedules.  There is so much going on with HCI right now, too.

Registration is now open for both Fall Forum Training and the 2019 Peer Group conference. Check out the details below and find links to the registration site.  These educational and networking opportunities are the reason that you joined HCI in the first place, so don't miss out on attending these incredible events!

We also have a new club director member that we'd like you to get to know.  Meet Margie and learn about what she's up to in Missouri.

Lorraine Starcevic from Albia, Iowa, is taking her club members to the Crazy Horse Memorial this month.  Learn all about this great HCI Travel Partner and awesome attraction in South Dakota.

Enjoy the cooler temps of autumn!

Val Kelsey, CBCD

Registration is now open for 2019 Peer Group!!
Join us for networking, learning and fun
March 11 -15, 2019 
Sarpy County, Nebraska (Omaha area) 
featuring a Sightseeing Tour March 11


ON-SITE LODGING AT THE EMBASSY SUITES HOTEL (if needed*) - $95/night (plus tax)

*Your registration includes 4 nights of lodging (Monday through Thursday) 

  Why should I attend?
  • Intimate, friendly atmosphere
  • 4 days of personal networking with club directors
  • Partner Education sessions - learn more about the bankers and the bank market
  • One-on-one appointments with every club director
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Loads of fun!!
  How do I register?
  • Simply click on this link and complete the registration form online.
  • You can pay online or mail a check to finalize your registration.
  How can I renew my membership for 2019? 
  • You must be a member in good standing in order to attend. Tina will send out your renewal forms this week via email. Just send the completed forms back to her, and she'll send you an invoice for the membership dues ($500).
  • To update your member profile, Log in with your email and key in the changes any time you like. Use the Forgot password button if you don't know your password.
   Are there any sponsorship opportunities?
  • Yes. We have many options available.  Contact Tina for more information at 952-835-6543.
Welcome Reception 
$1,000 plus f&b through hotel
Refreshment break
Pre-dinner reception
Hospitality suite
$500 plus f&b
Speaker introduction
Tab Ad
Partner Profile (if not attending PG)


Learn more on the HCI home page , or go directly to the Peer Group
 site to sign up today. Preliminary conference schedule. 

Member Spotlight: Margie Zieber
Farmers State Bank
Cameron, MO

The FSB Travel Club was started in 2015 as a result of an almost "off-the-cuff" comment. Margie Zieber had known of another bank in town that halted their travel club, and was very interested in the idea. So, after having done almost every job there was to do in her nearly 30 years at Farmers State Bank, when asked what she wanted to do next, Margie responded, "Start a travel club!" She was taken seriously, and received permission to launch the club. Margie began by planning a simple trip and then accepted advice from a local retired club director. "The first year was rough,", she says. But now, she has 40 people who travel with her on day trips, and 30-40 on her overnight tours.
It is interesting that only about 68% of the 340 people who travel with her regularly are customers of Farmers State Bank. While she doesn't require people to be customers in order to participate with the club, she always tells them, "You don't have to be, but why would you not want to be!" Many people do end up opening an account at Farmers State Bank.

Located just an hour north of Kansas City in Cameron, Missouri, she loves to take advantage of all that the bigger city has to offer including the Royals baseball events and the many theatre venues. Her "assistant" is her husband, Mike, who accompanies her on every trip. It seems that when you start working at 18, you get to retire at 54 and spend your time traveling with your wife. Lucky Mike! As Club Director, Margie loves getting to travel to places that she'd never be able to otherwise. She delights in seeing new friendships and bonds form between the club members. She says, "I enjoy sharing the experiences and interacting with everyone in a new environment - even playing games on the bus!"

Margie just joined HCI this summer after Ted Nelson spoke at the Missouri Bank Travel conference that she attended. We are very excited that she will be attending Peer Group for the first time in March. She is looking forward to learning more about how to be better prepared for tour emergencies, how to handle issues while on tour, and how to provide insurance for tours that she plans herself. HCI is the best resource for educating club directors on these situations and much more!
Partner Profile: Crazy Horse Memorial

Right outside of Rapid City is Crazy Horse, SD - home of the one-of-a-kind experience for Bank Groups at Crazy Horse Memorial®. It is the world's largest mountain carving in progress, with a large visitor complex that houses The Indian Museum of North America®, Cultural and Educational Center®, Sculptor's Studio-Home and Workshop, theaters telling the story, gift shops with exclusive Crazy Horse items and handmade Native American items, restaurant, laser-light show, Native American Dancers in season and much more! At Crazy Horse Memorial® we showcase the other side of American history that is rich and full of tradition, art, artifacts and culture. Korczak Ziolkowski set the first blast beginning the carving on June 6, 1948, and his family continue the work today. Carving a tribute to the Native Americans is a way that the white man can give back to the red man. 
On July 14, 2018, Crazy Horse Memorial® replaced gas lasers with a solid state laser system that allowed for a crisper and brighter show. New technology has allowed for more dynamic shows with lasers, video and choreographed music to thrill audiences. Our show, drawing visitors from around the world, is shown at dark during the peak season; it is themed around Native American heritage and culture. Unlike any other laser show, the 563-foot-high mountain turns into a screen. A laser show "is a bright spectacle," says Patrick Murphy, Executive Director of the International Laser Display Association who shared with USA TODAY on August 3, 2018, "the best 10 spectacular laser and light shows around the world". The Legends in Light Laser Show will be shown nightly at Crazy Horse Memorial®, weather permitting.
A little bit about Amanda Allcock
(Pictured here with Jadwiga Ziolkowski):
I attended Peer Group for the first time in 2011 in Dubuque, Iowa. The friendships that I have made over the years are so valuable. When a bank group gets a chance to visit South Dakota and Crazy Horse Memorial - It is like greeting a long lost friend!
You can reach Amanda at 605-673-4681 


HCI Fall Forum Training

Location:    Holiday InnDubuque, Iowa 
Date:          Friday, November 2, 2018
Time:          9 am to 4:30 pm
Subjects:    Difficult Conversations and First Aid Training 
Cost:          $ 95
Morning Session
Learn to master the conversations that you dread whether dealing with an under-performing employee, disagreeing with a spouse, or addressing a delicate issue with a customer or family member.
Afternoon Session
Learn key skills to recognize and treat life-threatening conditions and injuries while on tour or at home.  You will learn First Aid, CPR, AED skills and more.
Lunch is included in the cost, as well as your training materials. The HCI rate for accommodations is just $79 per night.
You can also stay for the Dubuque Area FAM  tour starting Saturday morning.  Click here for all the details.  If you can't stay for the whole experience, just join for breakfast.  This tour is sponsored by Travel Dubuque.

Tip of the month

Don't trust your memory when it comes to recalling the details of an incident on your tour.  Whether someone has a minor injury or a serious illness, document the details on the HCI recommended Accident and Illness Report.

Take this form with you on every tour! 
  • Create a record of the situation
  • Be able to easily recall what happened and what you did to help
  • Protect yourself and the bank

Simple form captures basic information:
  • Incident location, date and time
  • Description and outcome
  • Names of witnesses
As an HCI member you have unlimited access to the  "Accident and Illness Report" form and all of our Best Practices documents on the member-only page of the HCI website with your member Log-In credentials. 

This, as well as all of our Best Practices documents, is only accessible to our members.  Not a current member? Renew your membership or apply for a new membership today.  Contact Tina at 952-835-6543.

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