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Volume 6 | March 25, 2022
Few spots left for the ECAO- JEPP 2022 AGMs and Gala Night!
Please join us for our first in-person event in 2 years but please register now and book your rooms since space is limited!!

ECAO has also secured special discounts rates with Air Canada for the event. Book Your Flights Here.

Some of our members and partners have asked about the attire for our Masquerade Gala on the evening of May 18th. While there is no strict dress code in effect, below you will find some photos of masquerade black tie events. While we will have masks available at the event, you can also consider some of the masks below. Be creative and have some fun with your outfit and of course there will be prizes for the best dressed.
Masquerade balls can be traced back as early as the 15th century. A classic masquerade party was inspired by the Venetian Carnival and often had Venetian masks. Part of the original masquerade ball’s charm was for the guests to remain unidentifiable, with many people often choosing to dress up as characters from novels, plays, movies, or cartoons.
This would create a game in which other attendees try to figure out each other’s real identities, which added a comedic aspect to many masquerades and made for a more enjoyable ball experience altogether. In addition to hiding one’s identity, masquerade masks had many other uses, including using different colors to express one’s freedom of speech and voice one’s emotions and opinions without judgment.
The dress code for masquerade parties is usually black-tie attire or formal evening wear, however, we do not have a specific dress code in place; however, we can recommend what our guests can opt to wear. Guests can choose to dress up as characters like Batman, Catwoman, Zorro, mask from Phantom of Opera, Miss Masque, Gladiator, and more.

For attendees not dressing as a character, you could opt for anything from an evening gown, long skirt, or a jumpsuit to a tuxedo with a bowtie or a classic style suit. You can go for neutral colors like white, black, cream, grey or rich- Mardi Gras colors like deep red, emerald green, navy blue, gold, and more. You can match your outfits with your partners as well!
ECAO prides itself as a strong united community in our industry and now it is time for us to show support for communities in Ukraine who need our help.

We will be donating to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Appeal fund. In addition, ECAO will offer to match any donations made by our ECAO members or from their Local ECAs.

You can donate directly to #HelpUkraineNow Visit to donate to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.
Register for Session 3 of D&I Leadership Surge Training
The third session for D&I Leadership Surge Training is on May 10th from 10 am to 12 noon EST. Registrants will receive the Zoom joining link on March 28th.

Course Description for Third Session

This workshop enables your organization to take on implicit and unconscious bias by outlining a practical organizing framework that helps participants on their journey "beyond bias." By participating in this training, participants will:
  • Understand the various biases that people exhibit
  • Explore social identities and how those interact with bias
  • Learn how to go beyond simple awareness of unconscious bias and discover specific actions to break the habit of biases and their negative consequences
  • Leverage talent and cultivate equity, diversity, and inclusion in a diverse and global workforce
  • Create an individual plan of action for each participant to overcome their specific bias challenges and contribute to a culture of greater authenticity and psychological safety at your organization

ECAO 2022 Annual Industry Conference Inclusions
Register for the ECAO 2022 Annual Industry Conference in Prague from September 17/18 to September 24, 2022.

Conference Inclusions

  • 6 nights standard accommodation, September 18-24, 2022, inclusive of hotel taxes and service charges
  • Welcome Evening in the Hotel including Cocktail Reception, Dinner and Wine
  • Guided Historical Walking Tour of Old Town
  • 6 Full Breakfasts in the Hotel
  • 2 Half Day Business Sessions for ECAO Members & Affiliate Partners
  • 2 Partner Program Activities for Members’ Companions during the Business Sessions
  • Exclusive Group Dinner & Unlimited Wine & Beer at the Pilsner House
  • Exclusive Group Dinner at Mlynec Restaurant, including wine and Open Bar
  • ECAO Networking Lounge x 3 evenings
  • ECAO 1-hour Farewell Cocktail Reception including Canapes and Open Bar

CLICK HERE to view the Program of Events.

ECAO Awards
Save the Date for R. Hugh Carroll Safety Awards
The ECAO Hugh Carroll Safety Awards recognizes ECAO members who strive to put safety first in their day-to-day operations. The award was first launched in 2000 to recognize the significant contribution ECAO member, R. Hugh Carroll made in the field of health and safety in the electrical contracting industry. 
Full detailed answers to application questions will ensure consideration of all the available information in the scoring process, giving your company the best chance of success in the evaluation process.

Prior to submitting an application, we encourage applicants to review the points below:

  • A 3-person panel will review each application and score each answer out of ten (10). The median of the three (3) scores will be the final question score.

  • Ensure that all questions have been answered. Unanswered questions will result in a 0/10 score for the question and effect the overall application score.

  • Best possible scores will be achieved where questions are answered thoroughly, including the detail required to allow the panel to understand the efforts.
  • Fully complete the accident statistics section.

  • For companies engaged in a health and safety management system, continuous improvement process, or have been audited by an accredited third-party health and safety provider, ensure that it is indicated on the application.

Typically, this event was done during our Annual General Meeting, however, in 2021 we launched it as an exclusive event! Once again, we are excited to recognize members who are working diligently to ensure safe working conditions. These efforts result in fewer injures, improved morale, better business performance and continue to show that we are leaders in health and safety. This year, Dr. Joel Moody, Chief Prevention Officer of Ontario will be joining us as our Keynote Speaker.

For any queries, please contact Adam at
D.J.B Wright Award 2022 Application
It is that time of year again where we look to celebrate one of our own for their significant contributions to the ECAO and the electrical contracting industry.
Past recipients were recognized for their commitment to the work of the giving back of their own time to volunteer on numerous industry committees and contributions to their respective local communities.
If you wish to honour one of your members, please fill the 2022 application or reach out to Cathy and she would be more than pleased to help you fill in application for someone you feel is deserving of this award.

This year we are hopeful that we can resume an in-person ECAO Annual General Meeting in Ottawa on May 18th and we would like to honour the 2022 recipient at this event.
Please raise this at your next local ECA meeting and discuss possible candidates for the DJB Wright Award. For reference past recipients are below:

  • Brad Vollmer, Vollmer Inc. (2021)
  • Fred Black, Adcoa Holding Inc. (2020)
  • Bill McKee, Carleton Electric Ltd. (2018)
  • John Wright, Stratford (2017)
  • Ove Bakmand, Net Electric (2016)
  • Dan Lancia, Holaco Installations Limited (2015)
  • Garry Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick Electrical Contractor Inc. (2013)
  • George Docherty, Guild Electric Ltd. (2010)
Let us know if we can be of any help in pulling together an application for someone you feel is eligible for this prestigious award.
It is not often we can celebrate our members contributions, but this is one time we can.
Plan to Safely Reopen
Ontario is moving through the graduated Plan to Safely Reopen Ontario and Manage COVID-19 for the Long-Term. Workplace safety measures and public health measures under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act (ROA) are gradually lifting, in the absence of concerning trends.

Masking: As of March 21, 2022, masking will only be required for public transit and certain health care and congregate care settings. Masking requirements will be lifted for all other settings.

Screening: As of March 21, 2022, screening of workers, patrons or clients is no longer required. This includes both active screening of workers and other individuals prior to entering the workplace (e.g., questionnaires) and passive screening (e.g., signage in your business).

Safety Plans: As of March 21, 2022, employers are no longer required to develop or post written safety plans.

Employers may choose to maintain COVID-19 precautions exceeding minimum requirements including masking requirements in certain situations or a modified version of their COVID-19 Safety Plan for the workplace.
Ontario Invests in Electrical Training and Apprenticeships Programs Across Province
The Ontario government is working for workers by investing more than $13 million to provide free training and paid electricians’ apprenticeships for more than 2,500 people across the province who are unemployed or looking to earn bigger paychecks. With over $2 billion in infrastructure projects on the horizon, Ontario faces a shortage of electricians and other skilled trades workers. This investment will help the province deliver critical hospitals, schools, and roads on time and on budget.

Rubicon Update
On March 22, 2022, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the New Democratic Party had formally agreed to a confidence-and-supply agreement. This deal will see the NDP support the minority Liberal government in all budget and confidence votes, outside of back-to-work legislation, effective today until the end of this parliament in 2025. Striking this deal required the Liberals to guarantee movement on key NDP policy issues over the next four years. 

Reducing Hazards, Managing Risk: Why Prevention Through Design Can Help Improve Electrical Safety
What Causes an Arc Flash?
An arc flash event can have devastating consequences, causing serious – or even fatal – harm and millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs.

These explosive discharges of light and heat are caused by arc faults, which occur when an undesired electric current passes between two conductors or between a conductor and ground.

Electrical arcs generate some of the highest temperatures on Earth – up to 3.5 times hotter than the surface of the sun. Many arc flashes are also accompanied by an arc blast, a pressure wave generated when the solid copper in equipment wiring vaporizes.
“A piece of wire expands to the size of a refrigerator in microseconds,” Swanson says.