The Crossing's Midtown Update
Hey Midtown!

Today, we begin August, and it is one of those transition months. It’s where we start to drift away from the scorching days, into blissful weather the rest of the country dreams of. Students transition from break into a new grade and school year, and many people transition from the summer lifestyle into daily and weekly routines. Transitions are important, so what would happen if we took the 30 days of August to “intentionally transition?”

Here are four reflections we can use this month to prepare for all that God has for us this fall.
  • Where am I? Be honest. Recognize the beauty and the pain of where you currently are.
  • Where do I want to go? You want to go to Midtown, duh! Beyond that, where do you want life to head this fall?
  • What do I need to leave behind? I think we easily pick things up, but it’s harder to put things down.
  • Who is going with me? Life change happens best in relationships. What are the relationships to build or develop?

This week , we start a new series called “ Creatures of Habit .” Use this series as a road map for the routines and disciplines to help you continue to discover Jesus and the journey.  

We’ve also got some great events coming up! Make sure you sign up below!


You’re invited because you are a leader, and we can’t do this without you. On August 17 , from 8am-2pm you will hear the vision of what’s coming up at The Crossing, grow in your leadership and be encouraged as you serve. This is the next essential meeting for the Launch Team, so make sure you RSVP today to be part of one of the best events we put on all year!

Let’s do it again! We had so much fun the last time, that we want to do it again. On August 24 , from 7pm- 10pm , we will be hanging out with our neighbors and watching a movie. We will have games, cotton candy and popcorn for everyone! These events let us learn our neighbor’s names, while we show them how much we love them and our community. Register to SERVE NOW !
See you soon!
Important Update

August 4

Join us at Windmill or Southeast .