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Trayvon Martin


Cool Off!


At the Harbor House Pool

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Starting today and all summer long ADAC will have voter registrations forms available at the Harbor House pool entry desk.


It is time to channel the energy to protect our communities and push for progressive change.
The Trayvon Martin verdict shows why you must NEVER lose your voice to fight injustice and unfairness.  

Yet there is no doubt that this year's city elections will be the most important in years and will need your voice.  
Influential interests and the newspaper have already made the decision not to discuss issues of interest to the majority of Annapolis' communities.  They think it should be about privatizing city services and getting even more privileges for the privileged.
But let your voice be heard!
Alderman Kenny Kirby will be at the entry desk at most times to help and the voter registration forms & instructions will be available at all times the pool is open (Monday - Saturday until 7pm most days and fair weather).
Take a stand for Trayvon!
Register & Cool Off
At the Harbor House Pool
The ADAC Team


By Authority, Annapolis Democratic Action Committee
Clarence Goldberg, Treasurer
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