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Ethics Ethics
April 1-3 (16.5 hours)
Ethics is a vital field of study.  Life is more fulfilling when we use honor and integrity in all our business dealings. What is and what is not ethical behavior?  This class clarifies an often vague, amorphous topic, and assists practitioners in developing an ethical foundation beyond reproach. We will use a hands-on practitioner's guide to creating a professional, safe and enduring practice. This class fulfills the ethics hours required for California's Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) application, as well as our Practitioner and Therapist programs.
Carlisle Douglas
: Some massage training

Essential Business Skills   Business 
April 5-7 (16.5 hours)
Did you ever wonder why some massage therapists are successful while others fail in obtaining employment, or at running their own private practice? In this course, students will acquire professional communication skills, develop marketing ideas, write a resume and cover letter, review job skills, set personal and professional goals, discuss practitioner's issues, and create policies for taxes for the self-employed practitioner. Students will walk away from this course with the self-confidence they need, as they seek employment or as an entrepreneur. This class fulfills the business hours required for California's Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) application, as well as our Practitioner and Therapist programs.
Instructor: Carlisle Douglas
Prerequisites: Some massage training

Healing Dance 1 HD
April 5-10 (50 hours)
Healing Dance 1 evokes the essence of water in fluidity and movement. It is a complimentary technique to Watsu and WaterDance, powerful in its own right, combining the freedom, scope and 3 dimensionality of WaterDance with the closeness and nurturing of Watsu. The form follows the natural tendencies of the body moving in water with waves and spirals and emphasizes the sensation of water flowing past. Some moves combine the contrast of closeness into total release while others offer dynamic and creative stretches. You will learn to move in partnership with the receiver as if they were water itself.
Instructor: Inika Spence
Prerequisites: Watsu� 1 or Intro to Healing Dance

TraumaTrauma, Boundaries & the Body
April 9-12 (25 hours)
Trauma is stored in the body and can be triggered unconsciously in relationships.  So what happens when trauma emerges in the therapy room? How can bodyworkers identify the signs of their clients' trauma?  And what can bodyworkers do to heal the trauma, while staying within their scope of practice?  With an understanding of the way trauma affects the body, and how the therapeutic relationship can hold the space for trauma healing, healing professionals can be more effective in their clinical practice. We will cover the theoretical and practical approach to working with trauma and boundaries, based on the principles of Somatic Experiencing.  Learning methods include lecture, discussion, experiential exercises and direct practice.
Instructor: Brad Kammer, MFT, LPCC, SEP
and Maggie Raintree Homsey, MSW, LCSW, SEP
Prerequisites: None

Pathology  Pathology 
Healing Support for Common Conditions
April 19-24 (50 hours)
This course is specifically geared to make learning pathology and the science of the body fun! You will understand why this course is so vital as you grow your confidence in understanding a client's needs and issues, and your massage work will gain greater respect as a result. We will discuss pathologic conditions with the goal of being able to make informed decisions about the safety and applicability of massage modalities. We will have a lot of hands on practice, as well as explorations into the body through guided journeys, art projects and discussion.
We are excited to add a new component to this course! We will explore some of the mind-body patterns that can be commonly found and their relationship with particular conditions. We will also have the opportunity to address our own massage-indicated conditions and receive support and helpful insight.
Instructor: Julia Bystrova
Prerequisites: Anatomy Body Systems

Basic Watsu Basicwatsu
April 24-26 (16.5 hours)
In Basic Watsu , you will learn to support someone and stay grounded in water. You will learn the flowing body mechanics that underlie Watsu, at first alone, and then with a person in your arms. You will experience the stillness that is the ground of presence, and incorporate the heart and breath connection maintained throughout a Watsu. Basic Watsu is a wonderful introduction to learning Watsu and to aquatic bodywork. You can begin to share this modality with family and friends immediately, but can also use this class to decide if Watsu 1 and other aquatic bodywork classes or Training Programs are appropriate for further study.
Instructor: Davida Taurek
Prerequisites: None

Craniosacral Balancing 1 cranio1
April 26-May 1 (50 hours)
Joining the principles and practices of energywork and craniosacral work is an ideal way to integrate the structure of our body with the energy that enlivens it. This cross-disciplinary course gives you tools and a context for working in a deeply therapeutic way with others. You will learn to attend to the physical and energetic needs of your client. This course will present perspectives and practices which are both practical, in the sense that they will be of use for the hands-on practitioner in work with clients, and personal development for the practitioner him-or herself.
Instructor: Keesha Standley
Prerequisites: None

Upcoming May Classes:   
May 3-8:  Deep Tissue 1
May 10-15: Shiatsu 1
May 29-31: Clinical Ai Chi E.A.S.Y. (16.5 hr)
May 31-June 5: Shiatsu 2

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