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Waterdance (TM) 1
June 28-July 3 (50 hours)

Together, students explore the art of breath connection that enables them to establish a deep rapport with their clients, inspire their trust and offer the attentiveness that is necessary when bringing someone below the water's surface.

Students learn the Waterdance short form which includes learning to establish a rhythm that works with each client's breathing needs and to move all body types through the water with security, ease and graceful fluidity, giving the receiver a profound sense of freedom and joy.
Prerequisites: Watsu 1 or WaterDance Fundamentals, or Fluid Presence Foundation (formerly Water Breath Dancing), or Healing Dance

Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor. Bring a swimsuit and towels.

Instructors: Davida Taurek


Waterdance (TM) 2
July 5-10 (50 hours)
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In this course, you will build on and deepen the work of WaterDance 1, taking the same principles and material and expanding on them with a fuller repertoire of under-the-water moves and techniques. You will learn new moves and variations and how to link different moves.

By the end of this course, you will have learned enough material to give full WaterDance sessions that are fun, healing and profound.


Prerequisites: Waterdance 1

Class materials: Class Manual by the instructor, Bring a swimsuit and towels.

Instructor: Shantam 

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Massage Intensive
July 13-23 (100 hours)


For many of us, touch is natural and even instinctive; but learning to touch therapeutically - with healing intent - is a distinct and sophisticated skill.
This 100 hour, 11 day intensive will provide students the confidence, skills and techniques to become an excellent massage practitioner. Using proper body mechanics so that the student is centered and grounded, they will be able to massage with effortless power and grace. Emphasis is placed on stretching and proper body posture for the therapist to prevent injury while caring for the client.

Students will learn a Swedish relaxation massage and therapeutic approaches to common conditions. Body mechanics, the benefits and contraindications of massage, anatomy, proper draping, ethics and procedures for establishing a private practice will also be taught.

The safe and supportive atmosphere of this class makes learning massage a pleasurable experience. At the end of this 100 hour intensive, students will have an excellent foundation for a professional career. 


Prerequisites: None

Class Materials: "Introduction to Massage Therapy" 3rd edition by Braun & Simonson, bring 2 sets of twin sized sheets?

Instructor: Keesha Standley


Watsu? 3
July 13-23 (100 hours)


Watsu 3 fills the Watsu professional's toolbox with rolls, step work, wall work, powerful stretches and other advanced moves, and ways to adapt each session as needed. The focus is on ways to use the practitioner's own body to brace stretches and be a fulcrum for lifts and rolls, and on ways the practitioner's legs can become more active players, lifting someone into 'leg accordions' and being there when someone comes out of a roll. Rolls are the gateway to Free Flow, often leading the practitioner into new positions.


Besides teaching students techniques that can lead into free flow, students are introduced to adapting Watsu to a variety of client conditions and limitations. Students who want more training in this will want take Watsu 3 Adapted: A Clinical Approach.

Because this is the highest level of Watsu required for the Watsu Therapist Certificate, attention on land will be place on preparing students for professional practice.


Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu 2
   - 20 logged practice sessions (at least 10 given after Watsu 2)
   - Demonstration of Competence OR Audit of Watsu 2

Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor, Class Textbook: "Watsu?: Freeing the Body in Water"  4th edition by Harold Dull. Bring a swimsuit and towels

Instructors: Harold Dull, Alexis Lee



Massage Boosters
July 26-29 (25 hours)
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Massage Boosters is all about helping you become a better therapist. The purpose of the class is to support you in moving beyond the limits of a beginner's sequence, by giving you the skills and comfort to work with more understanding, intuition, ease, subtlety, and effectiveness. We'll discuss massage theory and principles, delve into functional anatomy and physiology and spend significant time on practitioner somatics and self-care. But mostly, we'll have fun doing lots of hands-on learning and trades.


Specifically, you'll learn

  • New skills for contacting the body and feeling into the tissue, and more options for how to use your hands
  • The primary importance of sensing for and using "tissue response" as the key to helping you stay present, and to knowing where to work, how deeply, and with what techniques
  • How to work directly on the bony areas of the body
  • How to quickly relax and release tension in the joints
  • How use soft-tissue mobilizations and rhythms to bring lightness, ease and highly effective "three-dimensionality" into your work.
  • And how to integrate all this material into the sequence or approach you're currently using

In all, Massage Boosters is a powerful and empowering 3-day class that will help you expand your skills, refine your technique, deepen your presence, and - no matter how adept you already are - bring your work to the next level.


Prerequisites: Massage Intensive

Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor

Instructors: Andrew Yavelow


* To receive this discount:  Call our office, mention this ad and pay in full, or pre-register using the button below and pay the $100 Tuition Deposit.  Discount will be applied when you pay the balance of the tuition.

REMEMBER:  If you pay in full by July 16, you'll receive this 20% discount in addition to the Earlybird Discount! 



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