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Foundations of Touch   
June 5-7 (16.5 hours)   WEEKEND CLASS!
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Whether you've been thinking about taking an introductory class in massage and subtle touch, you want to explore the possibilities of massage as a practice, or deepen your intimacy skills with your partner, this class is multi-faceted and versatile.  Foundations of Touch will introduce you the basics of touch and help you to crystallize a more subtle ground to move from in any style of body therapy. By supporting you to more fully reside in the bodily felt sense, this class will give you the essential platform to touch with perceptual and palpatory skill.


Through the use of guided meditations, principles of Breath of Life Cranial Touch,

and free flow and guided massage exercises, you will be invited to re-sensitize to the responses of your whole body so that you can help others do the same.


You will learn and practice:

* How to move from stillness

* How to navigate body felt sense awareness

* Basic massage strokes

* Proper body mechanics

* Palpatory skills with attuned hands and body

* To see the body as a whole through a basic understanding of fascia and tensegrity

* Guided mediations and movement to further deepen awareness and perception.

* Many ways of creating safe space and establishing a healthy Relational Field in which to work.

This class is a good introduction to Massage Intensive.

Prerequisites: None

Class materials: Class Manual by the instructor, bring 2 sets of twin sheets

Instructor: Alaya Babineau


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Thai Massage 1 
June 7-12 (50 hours)

Traditional Thai Massage is an act of meditation for both giver and receiver. Thai

Massage incorporates the best stretches from traditional Hatha Yoga, the depth of

Ayurvedic Medicine, and Chinese Acu-point theory. It is rooted in and practiced

with a sense of Buddhist spiritual serenity. It is luxurious, challenging, intimate,

and deeply therapeutic.


You will learn the form of Nuad Bo - Rarn, as it has been practiced in the Wats

(temples) for almost 2500 years. The first half of the training will focus on history,

theory, technique and form. Treatment sequences in supine, prone, side-lying, and

sitting positions will be taught and practiced. Emphasis will be placed on learning

safe and effective therapist body mechanics. Specialized segments will be taught

for each major joint as well as visceral organ massage. This beautiful and ancient bodywork form is becoming internationally popular. After completing Thai Massage 1, the student will be able to give a two hour Thai massage session.

Prerequisites: None

Class Materials: Bring a variety of pillows to act as bolsters and wear loose clothing to class

Instructor: Bhaskar Banerji


Watsu® 1
June 14-19 (50 hours)
THIS CLASS IS FULL!  You may still pre-register and be placed on the Waiting List

Watsu is a water therapy developed by Harold Dull to create a unique blend of

Zen Shiatsu and yogic stretches designed to free the body in water. Watsu 1 is a

basic introductory course in aquatic bodywork. In this course, you will learn to

move receivers through a smooth, flowing 30-45 minute sequence of Watsu's

basic positions and holds.


Attention is paid to the breath, fluidity of movement, proper body mechanics and

general knowledge of eastern and western anatomy. Instruction and practice time

in the pool is 30 hrs. Movement and sequences are demonstrated then practiced

under the supervision of the primary instructor and assistants. The remaining 20

hrs of class time is on land with discussion, meditation, movement exercises, lectures and videos.

You will learn:

* To understand the professional parameters of being a Watsu practitioner

* To coordinate movement and breath

* To move your receiver from position to position in a seamless and continuous way

* To maintain fluidity of movement throughout a session

* To develop the awareness and skill to ascertain your receiver's rhythm, utilizing  stillness and dynamic movement as needed to invite the body into balance

* To understand body mechanics, body alignment, balanced footing and proper stance

* The sequencing and appropriate applications and contraindications for each move

* A basic understanding of Zen Shiatsu principles

* Basics of optimum pool requirements for aquatic bodywork (depth, temperature, etc.)

* To demonstrate professional boundaries and communication skills

* Review standards of an ethical practice

Prerequisites: None

Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor, Class Textbook: "Watsu® Basic and Explorer Path" by Harold Dull. Bring a swimsuit and towels

Instructors: Harold Dull, Kim Hartz


THIS CLASS IS FULL!  You may still pre-register and be placed on the Waiting List 

Watsu® 2    
June 21-26  (50 hours)

Building on the materials covered in Watsu I, this course focuses on broadening

your repertoire of basic moves. Each position introduces more detailed bodywork,

Shiatsu points, stretches and moves, some clinical adaptations with noodle,

and ways to explore and adapt as needed.


You will learn to become more attuned to the receiver's breath and natural movements, increasing skills for listening, and be provided with an ideal base for a therapeutic Watsu session. Instruction and practice time in the pool is 30 hours.

Movements are demonstrated then practiced under the supervision of the primary

instructor and assistants. The remaining 20 hours of class time is on land.

Land classes will primarily use anatomical visual aids and kinesthetically designed exercises to assist you in learning the progression and intent of moves. Land classes will also include: meridians and major Shiatsu points, Watsu chi mechanics, adaptations for specific dysfunctions, and how Watsu practitioners can be utilized

in a Rehabilitation Facility.


All land and water classes will emphasize the importance of "being with" the client and the "Breath and Heart Connection".

You will:

* Learn Expanded Flow Sequencing

* Learn to adapt moves for special needs

* Increase skill for listening to the body, and being with the breath

* Increase assessment skills for which moves are appropriate for different kinds of specific dysfunctions

* Learn the intent of each move and which muscle or joint is being stretched or ranged

* Increase ability to discern how much range of motion and stretch can be given in warm water per your clients needs

* Develop a deeper understanding of Zen Shiatsu, meridians and points

* Be encouraged to monitor your ability of "being with" the client instead of "doing something to" the receiver

* Have the opportunity for personal growth and to expand your awareness of the balance needed between "Clinical" and the "Breath and Heart Connection"

Prerequisites: Watsu 1

Class Materials: Class Manual by the instructor, Class Textbook: "Watsu®: Freeing the Body in Water" 4th edition by Harold Dull. Bring a swimsuit and towels

Instructors: Cameron West


Waterdance ( TM) 1
June 28-July 3 (50 hours)
Together, students explore the art of breath connection that enables them to establish
a deep rapport with their clients, inspire their trust and offer the attentiveness
that is necessary when bringing someone below the water's surface.
Students learn the Waterdance short form which includes learning to establish a
rhythm that works with each client's breathing needs and to move all body types
through the water with security, ease and graceful fluidity, giving the receiver a
profound sense of freedom and joy.

Prerequisites: Watsu 1or WaterDance Fundamentals, or Fluid Presence
Foundation (formerly Water Breath Dancing), or Healing Dance
Class Materials:  
Class Manual by the instructor. Bring a swimsuit and towels
Davida Taurek


Upcoming July Classes:
July 05-10   Waterdance 2
July 10-12   Compassionate Communication
July 13-23   Massage Intensive
July 19-24   Watsu® 3
July 26-29   Massage Boosters

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