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Deep Tissue 1   
May 3-8 (50 hours)
Deep Tissue is an often misunderstood bodywork modality. In this class students will discover and explore a variety of ways to get a deep release in a client's musculature. Students will begin by learning how the body holds tension and how that tension can cause imbalances in posture and overall health. From there, students will learn many very effective methods for working safely in the deeper realms of the client's body. Strong emphasis will be made on proper body mechanics, compassionate connection with a client, indications and contraindications and many hours of hands-on experience. Whether it takes the form of a deeper full body Swedish or a focused session on a specific postural imbalance, Deep Tissue is an invaluable addition to any bodyworker's toolbox of techniques.
Ed Lark
: Massage Intensive and Anatomy Bones and Muscles (or equivalent training) or Massage Intensive and Advanced Therapeutic Massage (or equivalent training) or Massage training and some professional experience

Shiatsu 1 
May 10-15 (50 hours)
Students are introduced to the Japanese art of healing touch, Shiatsu. This course presents the main theory of Yin and Yang and the Oriental philosophy through Aikido, Yoga, and Do-In along with the techniques of Shiatsu necessary for the effective practice of massage. Shiatsu was developed and is practiced based on twelve energy meridians. Students will learn and practice how to release and tonify meridians, along with oriental breathing, Qi flow, intention and physical postures of the practitioner. Students are also taught both seated and prone position along with 30 basic acupressure points. A minimum of 35 hours is devoted to demonstration and practice of techniques. Students have ample time during each class session to give and receive Shiatsu under the supervision of the instructor..
Instructor: Shinzo Fujimaki
Prerequisites: None

Clinical Ai Chi E.A.S.Y. 
Energy Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga
May 29-31 (16.5 hours)
E.A.S.Y.™ is an expansion on the practice of Shiatsu Yoga which Master Shinzo created in collaboration with Minakshi.  It combines the postures and movements of Shiatsu with the therapeutic benefits of a warm pool to enhance the flow of energy through the body's meridians, hence the name: Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga.™  E.A.S.Y. has rapidly gained popularity at top fitness spas and resorts such as Harbin Hot Springs. That is why Shinzo and Minakshi spend many weeks each year instructing other healing professionals in this unique practice. Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga is based on a combination of Ai Chi, Shiatsu and Yoga. Shiatsu, a Japanese healing art, is based on the principal that the body can heal itself and overcome specific challenges to the body and mind. It enables anyone to maximize health through the use of healing touch on particular acupressure points and conscious, gentle (Yin) yoga stretches along your body's meridians. It is very important to practice EASY for 30 minutes to 45 minutes daily to create balance in your body and mind. However, it is also beneficial to practice EASY as a 5 to 10 minute warm down after an active (Yang) workout. You will feel peaceful (Yin) energy flowing through your entire body.
Instructor: Shinzo Fujimaki
Prerequisites: None

Shiatsu 2    
May 31-June 5 (50 hours)
In this course students are focused on the supine position of Shiatsu. At the end of the week we review whole body treatment. Up to an hour and half of detailed Oriental theory including the 5 elements, Jitsu (excess) and Kyo (deficient) is taught at the beginning of each session to learn the basic understanding of diagnosis. Shinzo's emphasis is on learning to see the positive side of challenges of the body and mind through sickness. Main attention is paid to understanding the client's body, mind, and spirit. Discover how to blend your healing energy so both clients and practitioner's energy open up to a higher level of healthy energy. At least 35 hours spent in hand on practice of these skills. Students will have ample time during each class session to give and receive Shiatsu under the supervision of the instructor.
Instructor: Shinzo Fujimaki
Prerequisites: Shiatsu 1

Upcoming June Classes:
June 05-07   Foundations of Touch
June 07-12   Thai Massage 1 
June 14-19   Watsu® 1
June 21-26   Watsu® 2
June 28-July 3   Waterdance® 1

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