Donor Panel Discussion:
Hear It Straight from Major Donors!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019
11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
St. Vincent's Bruno Conference Center
806 Saint Vincent's Drive
Guests are welcome.
Join AFP Alabama for a unique donor panel discussion! The panel will include:

Norm Davis
Lisa Engel
Tom Robertshaw
Cameron Vowell
Emily Levine

The panel will provide insight for you, as nonprofit leaders, to better engage, recruit, steward, and keep donors year after year as you involve them with your organization. You will find great value as you hear from donors on how to steward, engage, and show appreciation. This amazing panel of men and women will provide guidance and understanding from a donor’s perspective.

Enjoy lunch and networking at 11:30; the meeting will begin promptly at 12:00. Due to limited seating, we ask that those who plan to attend please RSVP for the meeting. Guests are welcome.


Entering St. Vincent's from the front entrance to the hospital from University Blvd.:

  • Take the first right.
  • Pass the Bruno Conference Center (on the left) and enter the North Parking Deck straight ahead.
  • Park to the left of the parking deck entrance.
  • Enter the elevators that say "Conference Center and Women and Children's," and go down to Level A. You will be in the conference center.
  • Parking will be paid for by AFP. Be sure to grab a voucher before you leave the meeting.