Fall 2018 Regional Meetings

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PBA Regional Meetings are fast approaching, so please register today. Simply click the link for your respective region below and complete the registration by filling in your general information.

Regional Meetings: 
Click on your region below for details & to RSVP.

MIDEAST  - October 1 at HBA of Metro Harrisburg Office at 5:30 pm (RSVP by September 28)

SOUTHWEST  - October 2 via Conference Call at 3:00 pm (RSVP by October 1)

NORTHWEST  - October 3 at Chovy's at 6:30 pm (RSVP by October 2)

NORTHEAST   - October 4 at Marzoni's Brick Oven at 5:00 pm  (RSVP by October 2)

SOUTHCENTRAL - October 9 at York Outdoor Country Club at 5:30 pm (RSVP by October 7)

SOUTHEAST - October 10 at Bucks/Mont Office at 3:00 pm (RSVP by October 8)

MIDWEST  - October 11 at US Hotel Hollidaysburg at 5:30 pm  (RSVP by October 9)

NORTHCENTRAL - October 11 at 505 Restaurant Williamsport at 5:30 pm (RSVP by October 9)

Simply reply to this email or call 717.730.4380
Each meeting is also listed as an event on our website. To view the full calendar, click here. 

Not sure which region your local association is in? Check the map
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