Brampton Islamic Center is pleased to announce its partnership with Peel Public Health and the Ontario government to use its location, as a vaccination pop up clinic in Peel Region in the city of Brampton, Ontario. The site will be open to the general public for those aged 18 and over in hot spot postal codes. We will be providing privacy accommodations to Muslim women. 

  • L4T, L4W, L4X, L4Z
  • L5A, L5B, L5C, L5K, L5L, L5M, L5N, L5R, L5V, L5W
  • L6P, L6R, L6S, L6T, L6V, L6W, L6X, L6Y, L6Z
  • L7A, L7C 
·        If you have already booked a vaccination appointment at another location and choose to attend the pop up clinic, please be sure to cancel your other appointment to avoid vaccine wastage.
·        The COVID-19 vaccines have been rigorously reviewed by numerous trusted authorities around the world, including Health Canada. They are shown to be safe and effective at protecting against COVID-19. For more information on the COVID-19 vaccines, please visit:
·        The Canadian Muslim Covid-19 Task Force states that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe, halal and permissible while fasting. As long as you feel well, do not delay your vaccine because of Ramadhan. For more information, please visit The Canadian Council of Imams is also of the opinion that vaccination is allowed while fasting.

We would also like to encourage while you’re here that you bring along a non-perishable Food Item to support our Ramadan food drive in collaboration with the Knights of the Round Table and/or a boxed new toy for a child 16 and under that will be donated to the Family Life Center. 

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