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2021 Adult Workshops

1. How To Get Out of Debt and Stay Out!
Many people have bought into the spirit of this age, which calls us to buy whatever we want, and put it on credit, without regard for the consequences of our actions. Making responsible, God-honoring choices about our finances, and living out the principle of “owe no man anything” is at the heart of this class. Students will be challenged to view money from God’s point of view.

2. Bible Over Baptist
Christianity has many denominations but there are core beliefs for each one. This class will seek to identify the basic beliefs of the Missionary Baptist Church. Topics will include: The Great Commission, Evangelism, Support of Missions (domestically and abroad), Christian Education, The Autonomy of the Local Church, Baptism, and the Lord’s Supper. When the class concludes each person should be able to state why he/she is a Baptist.

3. Don’t Be a “Wanna Be” Disciple
Discipleship moves us from faith to obedience. The world can only know of the goodness of God if we tell them but we can’t tell them if we have not studied the word for ourselves. Every disciple is a student of the Bible and lives what he/she has learned. A disciple strives to be like Christ. Every Christian has the responsibility of learning and sharing the Good News. This class will focus on how to grow in Christ and become a more powerful witness for Him, in word and deed.

4. The Weapons of a Worshipper
God has given each of us the weapons needed to fight our spiritual battles Four of the weapons we need are: 1) unity, 2) prayer, 3) praise and worship, and 4) the word of God. This class will focus on the necessity of unity among believers, the value and strength of prayer, the need for sincere praise and worship, and the power of God’s word.

5. It Doesn’t Belong to You
Stewardship entails more than giving money. Humans have been given the responsibility to take care of creation. This is our divine assignment. Our God is the maker, sustainer, owner and regulator of the entire universe. This class is designed to help us to explore and know our place in God’s creation. 

6. It’s a Process! Maturing in Faith
Maturing in Faith is learning how God wants us to live, so that we can please Him in all that we do. In this class, you will learn what it takes to mature in faith. Students will learn what their role, and God’s role are, in the process. Students will learn what a well-balanced Christian Life looks like, and how to make the decisions that are pleasing to God, and what it is to grow in intimacy with God.

7. Are You Running from God? The Book of Jonah
Like the Prophet Jonah, when God tells us to go one way, many of us intentionally go in the opposite direction, ignoring God’s word and God’s command. In this workshop, you will learn in what ways we run from God and why. You will learn what happens and the consequences. You will also learn that God never gives up on us; that God loves us deeply, no matter what we’ve done, and is always ready to give us a second chance.

8. Be The Church: Spirituality vs. Sexuality
In a world inundated by the loud voices of a culture saturated with sex, what does the Church have to say beyond “just say no”. Silent too long…this class will open up a healthy conversation about spirituality and sexuality and our responsibility to see them and embrace them as one side of the same Bible.
9th - 12th grade
6th - 8th grade
4th - 5th grade
1st - 3rd grade
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Dr. Drew E. Marshall
Christian Education Week
October 4-7, 2021
Theme: “Be the Church”
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Monday thru Thursday
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